DDR Memory or not?

  Basra 14:40 19 Apr 2003

Please can someone tell me If this is classed as DDR Memory...

Memory Type 256+256+0;DIMM,Unknown,|;T16


  powerless 14:46 19 Apr 2003

No idea.

That looks like it is just telling you that you have 2 X 256MB RAM sticks in slots 0 and 1 with slot 2 having nothing in it "+0"

If you click here this will tell you. Download the personal edition.

  Basra 00:49 20 Apr 2003

Thanks for your responce!

Have took your advice and it is DDR. Intresting program if you know how to use it properly. I'm a dummy in this regard.

I am having a problem with a new computer.

When I open a program it hangs for a while (three to 10 seconds) befor it loads-this happens with all programs in XP Home.

Also my monitor is not has clear as it was on my old computer,Windows 98SE (text). It looks fogy in comparision. The monitor is an LCD

I think the computer has to go back to the vender. I feel sure the viedo card has something to do with it?

Thanks once again for your intrest.


  powerless 00:58 20 Apr 2003

I doubt it more of a settings tweak just to get it correct.

Right click your desktop and choose properties.

Then go to Appearance.

Then click effects.

Choose "Clear Type" Under "use the following method to smooth edges on screen fonts".

Also have a play with the settings adjusting your display may clear a few things up.

  Basra 01:10 20 Apr 2003

I have been there and played with it for a few days now and had no luck.

It is pissing me of because I seem to be hittng a brick wall with it.

When I put the monitor on the new system XP found a driver? I did not like the look of things so installed the one that came with the monitor-no differance.

  Basra 01:16 20 Apr 2003

Thanks Powerless but it has exhusted me for tonight and I am going to bed.

Thanks verry much for your sugestions and will look again Sunday.

Have a nice weekend.

  powerless 01:23 20 Apr 2003

XP will use a generic driver...Probably a Plug and Play one.

Whichever graphics card you have you could try updating the driver for that, if you havnt already?

  DieSse 02:45 20 Apr 2003

LCD/TFT monitors have a "native" resolution - ie one that matches the number of pixels on the screen. If you run it at other resolutions, the picture may not be satisfactory.

Check in the manual for your monitor to find out what this resolution is - usually 1024x768 for a 15" TFT - and also for the recommended refresh rate - usually 60Hz (TFT monitors do not require a high refresh rate like CRT based monitors).

"When I open a program it hangs for a while (three to 10 seconds) befor it loads-this happens with all programs in XP Home"

What programs do this? Can you list some (I know you said "ALL" but can you be specific?

  Basra 11:53 20 Apr 2003

Thank you all for your help and suggestions!

The resolution is has suggested 1024x768 @60Hz.

The odd thing is it seems better this morning after converting back to the XP interface from the Windows Classic one but still seems what I can best describe as being a bit bitty on text.

I have tried the smoothing fonts but that looks like ink bleeding into paper although it looks darker it is not the answer

The hanging is still present. I have deleted the Windows update file as suggested but the problem still exists. I have thought of deleting them all.

The hanging I refer to is that when I open any program the hour glass appears for between three and fifteen seconds before it starts to open.

If I click on a tab in a window, say in the control panel for instance, it will do the same. It gets there in the end but I fear it is not right. The system is not top notch but no slouch either. It is a better spec than the old one but that did not exhibit the same problem- which was on Windows 98SE

I have emailed the company who made the monitor to see if a new driver is available because I do not see one on there site. The monitor is an ADVENT TG 1550 from PCworld-it has been a good one I think for the price.


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