DDR memory compatibility

  Damo3212003 20:10 18 May 2007

hi there

im wondering if anyone can give me another opinion on an issue i have

i have 1 gig of 2700 ram atm 1 512mb and 2x 256mb

im certain my 512 mb stick is faulty so i got a 1gb stick to add to my machine and intended to add it to the 2x 256mb modules i have in.

but its only registering the 1gig stick and not the 512 i have from the other 2 ddr sticks.

now im thinking the two diff makes arnt compatibile with each other this is why its not showing 1.5 gig.

is this the only reason for this or is there something iv3e over looked

hope someone can help ill post pc info like m board type and make if its needed and when i shut pc down

tia damo

  TheJam 20:33 18 May 2007

sorry a bit confused have you got igig +512gb+2 x256mb or
igb +512mb

  TheJam 20:33 18 May 2007


  Damo3212003 22:53 18 May 2007

originaly i had total 1 gig ( 1x 512 stick + 2x 256 sticks)

but i baught a single 1 gig stick to replace the 512 mb stick as it was faulty

but instead of reading 1.5 gig its only showing 1 gig

so for some reason its not seeing the 2x 256 modules i have in as well

  gudgulf 22:59 18 May 2007

Can you tell us what motherboard you have?

  Damo3212003 23:04 18 May 2007

its a asus k8v-x

i havnt got the manual for it at hand but theres 3 ram slots 1 blue slot on the left and 2 black ones next to it,

ive tried changing the slot these modules r seated in and no joy

  laurie53 08:33 19 May 2007

I had this problem with an Asus mobo. I solved it by swapping the modules between the slots until I found one that worked.

I can't remember which set up actually worked. I have four slots, which are paired.

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