wossie 00:13 05 Oct 2005

Hi all, I inherited a few sticks of DDR2 Ram and it is EEC type. Are there any or many boards that will utilise this type of ram. I kmow it is error correcting but what is the difference. I built a pc and it will not take the EEC ram, beeps only. I would like to build a system to use this ram if possible. Thanks, Wossie.

  GaT7 00:44 05 Oct 2005

There may be a setting in your mobo BIOS for enabling the ECC feature, so check if it has this, enable it & try the ECC memory again.

Some info on ECC that you may find informative click here, & some related sublinks click here & click here. G

  Chegs ® 00:44 05 Oct 2005

A few years back,I knew no better and bought 512Mbs of ECC RAM.I to found the mobo didn't like it and beeped as soon as I installed it.I then upgraded my mobo to a K7VZA(ECS brand)This mobo would run the RAM(PC133)but only as PC100.The next mobo also wouldn't take it(Epox)in any form.Its fine if your wanting to build a server though(I think)but for general PC usage,its a no-no.

I'm not very well informed on RAM though,so don't quote me. :-)

  GaT7 00:59 05 Oct 2005

Well, just found this click here. G

For ECC to work you basically need to meet these 3 criteria:

1. The system must have all ECC memory - no mixing and matching

2. ECC memory must be supported by the motherboard

3. ECC checking must be enabled in the system BIOS

  GaT7 01:35 05 Oct 2005

You may have to work in 'reverse' to find a suitable motherboard, by visiting the ECC memory manufacturer's website, & looking up a list of mobos it's compatible with.

For example, this ECC memory click here, has a list of some compatible mobos. Just below the list it says, "For a complete compatibility list please refer to the original manufacturer's web site".

I'm not sure how relevant this is, but make your mobo choice, with respect to the CPU you already have - a certain mobo that supports the ECC memory you have, may be a socket 940 - which is an AMD Opteron! G

  wossie 20:29 06 Oct 2005

Thanks for the response, must do some more research.

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