dddr 400 men motherboard help please

  zinc3 15:05 06 Mar 2005

barton 2800
windows xp 450 watt ps
motherboard -ga-7vaxp
memeory 512 3200 ddr
120 7,200 hd
op sys. xp pro

any help on this problem computer is on runing 512
3200 memeory
when i install a futher 256 of memeory computer
crash`s all the time remove extra memeory all is fine
all 3 memeory sticks are pny memeory 400mhz-184 pins
oem 5 year warrenty.have tried the following
mem.sticks will be called 1,2,3,

1+2+3 1n all the possible combinations only two sticks
allow a stable system (any two) and tested each with
memeory test proggrame (microsoft memeory on
floppy)all three memeory stick pass estensive tests

have swapped memeory around in banks on motherboard in
all combernations
updated bios to via kt400 award version f14
havent tried 3rd memeory stick again cant find any
info in bios updates about my problem.
no other devices are taking power from cpu power
supply.as you can see all three meomery sticks work
fine, all 3 slots on motherboard work fine, put all
three sticks in to gether computer crash`s all the
time remove any of the three memeory sticks computer
is stable again.
thanks in advance
had this reply from gigabyte
just set your fsb switch to auto. (only 2 settings 100/auto) the board will do the rest! if your board shows 1250 its on 100fsb.
ok were is fsb (auto)i have looked in manual checked bios cant find it or dose any body have any other solutions ?

  great1 15:16 06 Mar 2005

i think you might find that you should have installed the same type of memory module ie same manuacturer and size

  zinc3 15:20 06 Mar 2005

they are all the same pny 400 dddr
bought same time same manufacter
is there a jumper on motherboard for fsb

  jakimo 15:23 06 Mar 2005

Your mobo might have the same ruling as mine..."when istalling 3200 mem only 2 sticks can be installed"

  zinc3 15:30 06 Mar 2005

what about gigabytes reply
just to set fsb to auto
not done yet as don`t no where it is
can`t find it in bios
is it a jumper setting

  great1 15:54 06 Mar 2005

same size in M/B ie 256 or 512

  buscrew 15:54 06 Mar 2005

Sometimes pressing F1 in gigabyte (Award) bios brings up an advanced bios settings option to access fsb settings. Are you sure that your mobo supports the memory config you are attempting. I have a Giga-Byte K8NS-Pro that supports up to 3GB of memory, but only at tha lower speed of 266, the maiximum amount of PC 3200 - 400 it supports is 1.25 gb.

  zinc3 16:00 06 Mar 2005

says it supports ddr 4oo agp x8 on box
2 year old board

  zinc3 16:05 06 Mar 2005

f1 in bios brings up short cut menu

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:26 06 Mar 2005

You may well find that jakimo's suggestion is right. My Asus A7V600 also has a limit of only 2 slots used when installing pc3200 ram and can only use all 3 when fitting slower ram.

  great1 16:27 06 Mar 2005

click here

try this link

done a bit of fishing and i don't think your pny pc3200 memory modules are supported for your mobo

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