asrobs 11:23 29 Jul 2008

Hi, can any one advise please, I am trying to connect a Pinnacle dazzle to PC but it will only connect to a USB 2 socket is there a connector to use the fire wire I do have?? or am I just hoping such a lead exists.??

  Ditch999 14:17 29 Jul 2008

As far as I can see Pinnacle Dazzle does not have a Firewire port only USB2 (which in theory is faster than Firewire400)
It will work fine on USB2

  asrobs 16:20 29 Jul 2008

I am aware that what you say is true but I should point out that I do not have USB2 on my PC hence the question.

  woodchip 16:24 29 Jul 2008

Get a USB2 PCI card if you have a Spare PCI slot assuming you are running XP

  Ditch999 16:27 29 Jul 2008

You need to buy a USB2 PCI card then click here
USB2 is backward compatible with USB.
Have you any USB slots at all?

  asrobs 10:02 30 Jul 2008

I do have 4 USB on the rear and 2 on the front with firewire and a couple of audio sockets.

  woodchip 13:45 30 Jul 2008

Why do you say that you do not have USB2?????

Are you running Windows 98 or Windows ME?????

  asrobs 14:56 30 Jul 2008

I am on XP pro.and I do NOT have USB 2

  woodchip 18:58 30 Jul 2008

Is your computer a very old comp? as any Computer in at least last three years will have USB2

  asrobs 12:38 08 Aug 2008

There is such a lead and I found one on Ebay from Hong Kong for afew pounds.

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