Dazzle 80

  jimnjo 18:36 17 May 2004


I am wanting to copy my vhs vide tapes onto PC.
Dazzle 80 looks capable of doing this.
Has anyone used this device or other device.


  €dstowe 18:45 17 May 2004

Dazzle has bee taken over by Pinnacle. You may want to look at the Pinnacle website and get something more up to date. I believe that Dazzle products will be phased out.

click here

Bear in mind that vidoe files are VERY large and you don't get many on a hard disk.


  €dstowe 18:46 17 May 2004

Sooory aboot the speeling.

  jimnjo 20:16 17 May 2004

Thanks €dstowe

I have 24Gb hard drive so plenty of room for video, just wondered if anyone had used this item and could give me an idea if it is any good.

  jimnjo 20:17 17 May 2004

Sorry that should 240Gb hard drive.

  stalion 20:31 17 May 2004

that's better jimnjo 24Gb is cutting it a bit fine.Regards

  stalion 20:40 17 May 2004

have a look at the spec on this software to see if you are interested click here

  €dstowe 06:48 18 May 2004

I don't quite understand what you want to do.

Is it your intention to store your videos on a hard disk permanently, or will they be transferred to DVD or something?

If you are using a hard drive for permanent storage, it is a very expensive way of doing this.

  jimnjo 09:24 18 May 2004

I have lots of tape from my old analogue video camera and want to copy it to DVD or CD.
The hard drive will only be used for temporary storage and editing.

Thanks Stalion, had a quick look at your link, looks promising will check it out.

  Daz35 09:59 18 May 2004

I have used a Dazzle DVC150 and had excellent results. The capture device is a bit more expensive than others on the market, but has inputs and outputs for video and sound. It has composite and s-video inputs and outputs which means you have a choice of how to capture. I burned my captured analogue camcorder film to VCD and got a reasonable quality, but obviously DVD would be better. With this unit you can also make copies of VHS tapes if you need to. When I bought mine it came with Studio 8 editing software which is easy to use but does hang sometimes. From reading other theads on other forums, a lot of people have had problems with it, but I've not had too much of a problem. Other software programs to consider are Nero, Roxio and Ulead Studio. Also, you will need a fairly quick PC to do the conversion otherwise it will hang and also will take a long time. Good luck!

  €dstowe 10:02 18 May 2004

Ah, OK.

I've had a look at the Dazzle 80 and it does appear somewhat basic. It will be very limited in what it can do, I'm sure.

A much better setup, in my opinion, would be click here
This includes the capture hardware and comprehensive software.


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