Dawn of War 2 & Windows Live & Steam

  allanon 15:56 20 Feb 2009

I have just bought the above game, but when I tried to install this I had to also install steam and Windows Live Marketplace. I hate being forced to load software which I don't really want notwithstanding developers insistence. Anyway Windows Marketplace wouldn't load and it said that a hotfix was required for XP. I created a restore point and then installed the hotfix. I then tried to access the Marketplace to download my bonus content, which I was due as part of the pre-order offer with Game. However I can no longer send or receive any e-mails ??. I can still access the internet it just appears to have affected Outlook. Is anyone similarly affected?, does anyone know a way to fix this?. Steam appears to be working OK, notwithstanding the problems I had in the past with Half Life 2. In HL2 the game continually crashed and in the end I got so frustrared that I uninstalled the same and swore never to have anything to do with HL2 again. The game was binned.

  crosstrainer 16:09 20 Feb 2009

If the email issue has just started, and you are with Tiscali, the servers are down....If not then I can't see why STeam (although I agree with you about not using it) would cause your mail to stop working.

  gazzaho 16:19 20 Feb 2009

I was going to get this game today until I read the game forums, it put me right off buying it, after reading about different problem being experienced. I remember buying HL2 and the length of time it took to actually get the thing downloaded and running was atrocious, I never had any trouble with the actual running of the game however.

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