Date and time incorrect

  New silver surfer 12:56 02 Mar 2008

The date and time function has gone peculiar. I do not have the computer on every day, and now the date and time only seem to work whilst the computer is switched on. If I turn it off at 1.39 on the 3rd February, then when I next turn it on the date is still 3rd February, and the clock starts up again from 1.39. I have had the computer for 7 years. Is there an internal battery that might now be defunct? Could this be the reason the computer is not keeping the time right. I have adjusted the date and time, but they still freeze when the computer is turned off, and restart at the same point once it is switched on. Any ideas please?

  peter99co 13:15 02 Mar 2008

You need to have a new Button Cell put in to the Mother board. Mine only lasted 5 years

  Pamy 13:15 02 Mar 2008

would think that after 7years the BIOS battery may nead replacing, as this efects other things as well I would waight for futher advise

  Pamy 13:16 02 Mar 2008

or even waite for other advise

  wee eddie 15:28 02 Mar 2008

Search for "Replace CMOS Battery"

That should bring up several clips on how to do it. It's one of the simplest jobs one can do. While you're inside the PC it would probably be a good idea to give the dust a "Blow Out". A hair drier will do the trick.

  New silver surfer 15:50 02 Mar 2008

Thank you to Peter99co, Pammy and wee eddie. I think you have confirmed what I suspected. Will try and do this. Thanks for your help.

  tullie 16:46 02 Mar 2008

Try again lol

  Pamy 17:34 02 Mar 2008

tullie, you will have to w8

  Pamy 17:42 02 Mar 2008

PS. or stay in expectation and continue in patience.

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