date and time

  misty2 09:55 17 Aug 2005

The date and time on the clock in the taskbar keeps altering by 24hrs.the time reads correct but the date is tomorrows this happens once or twice a week.not a big problem but annoying please help!

  spuds 10:04 17 Aug 2005

When you reset the time and date, do you press the 'Apply'followed by the 'OK' button.

  misty2 10:29 17 Aug 2005

yes but a day or so later it has jumped 24hrs.
i have even got it set so it updates every day but when i switch on,the day is wrong so it won't update and i have to do it manually

  DieSse 12:09 17 Aug 2005

Are you sure you haven't got your AMs and PMs confused - so that 1200 noon is set to midnight?.

To avoid any confusion, set your clock to 24hr time rather than 12hr.

  misty2 12:29 17 Aug 2005

the clock is already set to 24hr. time

  ACOLYTE 13:12 17 Aug 2005

Did you pick the right time zones GMT London and the like,it sounds like you picked the wrong zone
so when windows updates it it sets the time for the zone it thinks you are in.

  misty2 13:45 17 Aug 2005

no the correct zone is set and i've tried both time windows .com & time
it's set to gmt.i have also set it to update daily with a tweak i found in "reg scrubxp"as i said earlier its ok for a few days and updates correctly then for no apparent reason(i usually notice through checking my e.mails) it shows tomorrows date and cannot synchronise until i manually set the correct date.

  DieSse 14:26 17 Aug 2005

Check carefully as to whether it's "jumping" when the computer is off (ie check immediately it comes on and when it's switched off)

If there are problems due to a change when the computer is off - then there might just be a battery problem - thouh I would expect more than just a one day date change.

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