Date format in Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 spreadsheet

  john bunyan 16:02 01 Feb 2012

I used to always use Lotus 123 and became used to writing quite difficult macros etc in it . I have tried to get on with MS Excel, but tought I would try the latest free Lotus offering- as above. When I try to enter a date as they reccomend- =DATE(yymmdd) the cell reads #NAME and not the date. I suspect there is a simple answer - is there?

  john bunyan 16:05 01 Feb 2012

It actually says #NAME? when I try to enter the date as above.

  TonyV 19:01 01 Feb 2012

john bunyan

At the risk of stating the obvious, have you formatted the cell you want the date in to be a date? Under normal circumstances, you would just enter say 01/02/2012 and press Enter, the result would show you the date as you want to see it via the formatting.


  TonyV 19:02 01 Feb 2012

john bunyan

I think Lotus Symphony now works in a similar way to OpenOffice. That is what I used in the above example.


  john bunyan 21:17 01 Feb 2012

TonyV Thanks; it was so obvious I did not consider it!! In old Lotus if you enter, eg 01/02/12 it would think that you wnted to divide each number by the next. I did, funnily enough, look up in the Help how to enter dates and it did refer to using the =DATE(yymmdd) formula. I will have to practice more!! I do miss the old .123 though as I used it for so long and could link it with Freelance presentations for graphs etc. I realise this could be done with Excel and Powerpoint but so far have had no time to learn how to do it. Thanks again.

  TonyV 22:03 01 Feb 2012

john bunyan

Glad it is sorted. If my memory serves me right, I think that formula you quote actually gives the date number rather than a recognisable date!



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