Date changing on Microsoft Works history?

  spuds 08:50 26 Mar 2013

I use Microsoft Works version 9 for producing correspondence, and over the past few months it as been giving problems with date changing in history.

I type a document and 'Save As', then 'Save' as I proceed to the print-out. On retrieving the document at a later date, I find that the document date as changed to the new day I retrieve it, instead of the original and true date the document or letter was written. I usually then have to re-type in the original date.

Is there a solution to this, because its becoming a bit of an annoyance?.

Any responses appreciated as usual.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:22 26 Mar 2013

Spuds, how did you originally enter the date in your Works document? Was it via the "Insert" -> "Date & Time" option or did you type it in manually? If it was the former then what you're experiencing is normal as opening the document the date field will always update to show the current date.

  spuds 09:22 26 Mar 2013

Should have perhaps added, that having checked on the internet, there does seem to be others with a similar problem. A remedy that as been suggested is: 'Click on Insert and Date - Time - Uncheck the option Automatically Update when printing'.

I don't seem to be able to find this Uncheck option in the Works V9 program?.

  spuds 09:25 26 Mar 2013

Secret- Squirrel, not sure if its the answer. But I normally write the correspondence with the date manually, and leave it that?.

  spuds 09:42 26 Mar 2013

For anyone following this thread, I have found Ehow very interesting

  Secret-Squirrel 11:27 26 Mar 2013

If you're not using the Works Date field but typing the date in manually each time then I can't see how it's managing to update itself automatically when you reopen the document. Try this experiment:

Open one of the affected documents, erase the date, type it in manually, then save the document. Change the date on your computer to tomorrow's then reopen that document. I'm expecting that the date will be unchanged. Has it?

Don't forget to return the computer's date back to how it was when you're finished testing.

  spuds 17:53 26 Mar 2013

I have tried the above, saved and closed the document with yesterday's date (manually). Changed computer clock to tomorrow's date, re-opened the document, and tomorrow's date is now showing on the document. So it perhaps would appear that its changing date 'automatically' on update?.

I am still trying to find the 'Uncheck the option Automatically Update when printing', because it would appear to be something possibly to do with this?.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:15 26 Mar 2013

I'm puzzled by all that Spuds.

All I can think of is that we're talking about different types of date within MS Works. The date I'm referring to is, for example, when I'm typing a formal letter I type the recipient's address top-left, the date underneath, then underneath that "Dear Sir or Madam", etc.

If you're referring to some other type of date then give us more info.

  spuds 19:00 26 Mar 2013


Its just a normal standard letter as you describe, that's why its so puzzling.

My post at 5.53pm seems to suggest its something to do with the 'automatic option' which as been suggested on internet searches. Going to Microsoft support for Works doesn't help much, except to check for updates (XP/Works), which shows nothing. Even doing the Works tour etc doesn't help.

One thing that I may have found, is going back to some much earlier dated documents, and the dates on those seemed to have been saved?.

  spuds 19:17 26 Mar 2013

I have just had a further internet search, and no information, so had another play around with Works. Now found the Automatic box, but its already un-ticked. So back to some more experimenting?.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:27 26 Mar 2013

I'm still baffled spuds.

The latest version of Works that I've got is 8.5 and it obviously behaves differently to yours so I won't be much help. Hope you find a fix for this issue.

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