Date of camera photos not showing in windows.

  bear73 11:07 11 Jun 2009


A fairly small query which I hope is easily solved!

When I transfer photos from my Nokia 6300 phone onto Windows and store them in the Pictures folder it never shows any information for Date Created/Taken.

I checked the photos on the phone and they all have information regarding the date and time they were taken. I was wondering why, when transfering them from phone to pc, this information doesn't get copied too? My husband has a Nokia N95 and all the photos from his phone transfer with all date and time info intact. It's probably something to do with settings but I can't see where I would change anything.

Any help appreciated as I am trying to organise loads of photos on my pc and lots of them have no date info which is proving tricky! I am having to go back to my mobile and look up each photo to check the date and include it in the name of the file (once i know the date windows won't let me add any date taken info).


  Stuartli 11:11 11 Jun 2009

If you open your photos in, for instance, Irfanview and click on the "i" button on the Toolbar for each file, you will/should be able to read the required information in a panel.

  bear73 11:17 11 Jun 2009

Hi Stuart

Thanks. Is there no way of it copying over like other digital photos? My husband seems to manage it from his N95. All the photos I load are just blank in date taken when looking at the detailed view in the Pictures folders.

I am hoping there is a way, otherwise I still have to click on each photo and go into Irfanview (which is what I use) and look for date info. Would just like it displayed in the Pictures folder like all the other photo files.


  bear73 11:22 11 Jun 2009

Actually just tried the Irfanview tip and it is displaying the wrong informaion.

The photo was taken on my phone on 22/07/08 but shows in Irfanview as 28/11/08 at 22:11. This is obviously something to do with when I last copied or edited the file rather than when it was taken.

Hopefully someone may know why the correct info is on the photos on the phone but it doesn't come across into Windows when uploaded. It's obviously possible as my husbands Nokia does it but maybe mine is just older and not capable!


  Stuartli 12:33 11 Jun 2009

for curiosity, I've just checked out a photo that was taken two years ago and which I printed the other day for an identification pass; the original file has been altered two or three times before being printed.

In Irfanview, when I clicked on the information button for the edited photo file, the date when the photograph was taken is correct, along with the exposure details etc.

Picasa3 was used to originally edit and print off the photograph.

  Stuartli 12:35 11 Jun 2009

It may/must be something to do with your Nokia camera's software compared to my six or seven-year-old Minolta digital camera's equivalent.

  BT 16:56 11 Jun 2009

The date taken will only be shown if you have the EXIF plug in Irfanview, otherwise the date the file was last edited is shown.

  Rahere 17:10 11 Jun 2009

NOt sure if this is quite the answer but make sure the appropriate column is showing in the explorer window - Name Size Type etc can be added to by holding the mouse over these column titles and right clicking for more options eg Date modified, Camera model, etc

  Stuartli 17:26 11 Jun 2009

I have always had all the Irfanview plug-ins installed using it over a period of many years.

  BT 18:03 11 Jun 2009

So have I but a new user may not.

  bear73 18:41 11 Jun 2009


Yes I have all the right columns in windows, i can see the dates for the photos from the digital camera but not the mobile phone.

I just downloaded all the plugins for Irfanview so we will see if that helps.


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