Database to store recordings

  johnincrete 06:40 02 Jun 2009

I have built up a library of recordings, some WMA, some WAV and some mp3 which are in various folders. I would like to create a database that replaces these folders to contain Title, Artist, Type (mp3, Wav etc) plus the recording itself and a comments field for free format notes. I will want to be able to copy a recording into a folder that will be used to burn a CD & then get deleted.
Can anyone advise me on the software to use.
I have Access 2003 but cannot see afiled type that would store the actual recording.
I find Windows Media Player and iTunes exeedingly difficult to make do what I want.

  tobyb121 11:54 02 Jun 2009

Even if you do manage to find a way to store the song files into the database it is not a good idea to do so, which is probably why you can't do it in access. It makes your database extremely large and slow. It would be better to store the path to the recording in the database.

  tobyb121 12:01 02 Jun 2009

Sorry you can add them in quite easily in access, set the data type to OLE object, to add a song, right click and select insert object, choose create from file, browse to your song, and click ok, to play the song just double click the object in the table

  johnincrete 16:27 02 Jun 2009

Before I retired, I designed many large relational databases whose size limits were dictated by disk size not the DMS to run them.
But then, that was using a real operating system, Unix, with real DMS software not the "Micky Mouse" stuff of Windows whose concern appears to be appearance & gimmicks rather than efficiency.
Unfortunately, the DMS I used to use has gone "gooey" and very expensive.
The problem about the database containg a link is that you are forced to never move the file.
I guess that it is yet another task I cannot do under windows.

  tobyb121 18:54 02 Jun 2009

have you tried the OLE object, it seems to work fine for me

  robin_x 23:42 02 Jun 2009

Drag and drop them to a memory stick/card or a backup hard drive.

  johnincrete 07:38 03 Jun 2009

This is what I have done, deleting aqll the originals so that I now have a "list" of songs in alphabetical order which is far more manageable but, of course, I can't categorise or sort to identfy the ones I need for a particular purposae. Since I have Access, I will use it. I'm going to open a new thread about how to get the titles in.

Thanks everybody for taking time to help me.

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