database is outdated in AVG8

  howdou 17:55 03 Jun 2008

I have checked everywhere I can to find out how to fix this: Anti virus-database is outdated. Anti spyware-database is outdated and resident shield not active. I had no trouble after installing AVG8 and suddendly this. In the FAQ they say it is usually the date and time are wrong on my computer, not so. They say to check updates, it says updates are up to date. I can not get help with their tech site because I have AVG free. Does anyone know what I should do . Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it. Thank you for any help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:30 03 Jun 2008

uninstall and then reinstall the software.

  p;3 22:40 03 Jun 2008

avg 8.0 is NOT going down well on many computers( mine included) ; you may wish to uninstall avg8.0 and try an alternative freebie?

  howdou 21:32 04 Jun 2008

Hi Again: Well would you believe when I started up today it was all working properly again. I think it might have been because I had gone into Admin (I don't usually) and read there that AVG had not booted the day before. The solution it said was to reconfigure the driver or make sure I had the latest one ( I wouldn't know where to start). Anyway, a box popped up that looked like it was asking me if I wanted to report it and I filled it in, today I got the message from AVG that my computer would have to be restarted for the update to work, I did this and so far, everything is working correctly. I always say yes when they ask if I want to report something and I think it has fixed something before. We'll see anyway. I hope so, if not I'll have to pay someone to fix it for me. Thank you for your responses. Jo

  Totally-braindead 21:35 04 Jun 2008

If your AVG does the same again try Fruitbats advice before spending a penny, and if that still does it try Avast free instead and see what that does.

  vinpan 14:55 08 Jul 2008

Since last one week, AVG in my system(Vista) is showing the same problem. I wanted to know (from 'howdou') what do u mean when u said 'I had gone into Admin'.
I tried even uninstall and then reinstall the software but that did not solve the problem. :(
Could anyone please help me understand what is stopping the update?

Thanks in advance.

  howdou 00:43 19 Jul 2008

Sorry but I only just saw your message. I thought I had fixed the problem since if I manually clicked on 'Update' in the AVG overview box it would give me another update and after that the problem would be fixed. It seems the data base is updated every week. However, I now have the problem again with virus and spyware database outdated and nothing seems to work since it says 'update finished succesfully' every time but still asks me to restart and still it is the same again. Did you ever find out what to do? the answers I have seen are beyond me, like finding the folder etc. etc. Howdou

  The Old Mod 11:10 19 Jul 2008

Hi just a thought, make sure your system date and time is correct, as I've seen this cause problems with updates before.

  peter99co 13:03 19 Jul 2008

AVG 8 should not be ticked to update if the schedule update time is missed. If it tries to update before your internet connection is active at time of startup this may cause a problem.

  howdou 03:44 21 Jul 2008

Well, if I've checked my date and time once I've done it a million times. Since this is supposed to be so important I can't understand why AVG doesn't tell you what to do to update it. My scheduled update time is for 11.00 am but it always says it's updated every time I put the computer on(regardless of the time), and the last update for data bases was at 11.50 PM on July 8. I am hoping that this Tuesday (two weeks from July 8 in Canada) it will update the data base again. I don't want to uninstall and install cos it keeps saying everything else is working fine. That also doesn't seem to have worked for Vinpan. Thanks for any help.

  provider 2 15:16 21 Jul 2008

You might find something here to help you:

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