Data Transfer By Internet?

  dublincity 06:15 21 Jun 2005

I'm running 2 PC's at the same time with a gismo that allows me to use 1 mouse, 1 keyboard and 1 monitor for both of them.

So far, I haven't been able to get the USB - USB data transfer system to work.

I can transfer data between the 2 PC's either via an external drive or by e.mailing zipped attachments so I haven't got a problem. However, I'm curious about the theory of transferring large files via the internet. I've spotted a few commercial companies that provide this service. Does anybody know of a free way that I might use to experiment with? Thanks.

  Wak 08:20 21 Jun 2005

Try this one.
click here

  TomJerry 10:39 21 Jun 2005

make sure you get correct cable, normal usb cable will not work

£6.67 Ebuyer USB 2.0 Datalink Cable Retail Blister Pack click here

  pj123 10:51 21 Jun 2005

Give your ISP a go? Most ISPs give free web space. You might be able to upload the files to and then download on the other PC?

  leo49 11:12 21 Jun 2005

click here

I've used the above in the past.

  leo49 11:13 21 Jun 2005

Sorry - didn't check Wak's link. Doh!

  Completealias 15:01 21 Jun 2005

Network the 2 pc's together with a crossover network cable you'll get up to 100Mbits/sec transfer with that and save the time of uploading to the net and downloading on the other

  dublincity 16:36 21 Jun 2005

Thanks - I'll study all that. I'm with Plusnet (Lite User tariff) & I think there's a monthly charge for storage. Just bought a few more bits with 'money back' assurances if I can't use 'em. I was also sold 2 network cards at Maplins plus some cable - 4.99 per item. I'll have a go ....

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