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  davdav234 19:34 22 Nov 2010

Hi there I have a quick question.

I am giving away my pc to a friend and I want to try and make it work as fast as possible for him. I have deleted all my files on the pc (family and work documents, home documents, pics, music, internet files such as cookies etc and all big files taking up room). My question is does this sort of data still get stored on your pc somewhere even after you delete it? as I have not seen that much difference in the speed of the machine. thanks

(ps I do not want to do a system restore as I want to keep some software on the pc for him to use and for some reason my computer "has no stored dates to restore to" (except factory settings which is out of the question)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:47 22 Nov 2010

Yes it still there and recoverable.
Windows just removes the first letter of the file name so windows cannot find the file and then uses that space to overwrite with other files if necessary-- but recovery programs can find your deleted files if they have not been overwritten.

Use the wipe free space feature on Ccleaner click here

do it about 3/4 times

This will write over what windows now thinks is free space (where your deleted files were).
This will make all those files none recoverable to all but the most deeply intensive (CSI type :0))recovery procedures not available to the common person.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:48 22 Nov 2010

wiping free space will take some time

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