Data Security

  griffo 22:07 09 Mar 2009

I have to return a new PC as it's developed faults, however,there is a lot of very confidential data (including emails) on there, which is covered by the Data Protection Act, which I'm a little concerned about.

Let me stress - it's not from a 'leakage' point of view - I just would prefer it was somehow locked-up. Is there anyway I can secure Outlook and Client Folders, to prevent them being opened?

  Jak_1 22:23 09 Mar 2009

A simple encryption program will do the job for you as far as your folders are concerned. Programs such as bestcrypt and truecrypt are easy to use. There are many freebie such programs available.
Not sure about outlook though.

  DieSse 22:58 09 Mar 2009

If you can still use the system - copy it off and then remove it from the system before returning it.

If the system is unusable, then it's too late, and you should have covered the possibility sooner in order to discharge your responsibilities properly.

  DieSse 22:59 09 Mar 2009

You might be able to reach agreement with the supplier to return it with the hard disk removed, if you're really very concerned.

  griffo 17:55 10 Mar 2009

Jak_1, thanks - that might answer part of the problem.

DieSse - I realise I can remove all the stuff mentioned but that would create quite a lot of work (time is money), which I was hoping to avoid.

The system isn't unstable and (being well aware of our DPA responsibilites) we have 2 full (external) back-ups of all the relevant data.

The system cannot be returned without the HD as one of the problems might be related to a possible HD fault which, whilst not making the system unstable, is making certain functions very slow. Personally, I doubt this particular issue is a hardware problem but we'll see.

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