Data retrieval from old PC with bust PSU i think

  erdworm 14:29 01 Oct 2006


I know practically nothing about computers and expecially little about hardware. My old PC was bought around 1999. Last time I tried to start it up, there was a small bang, sounded a bit like a fuse blowing, and it totally died.

I just changed the fuses in the plugs and plugged it in again to see what'd happen - small bang, bit of a flash and a bit of smoke came out where the fan is at the back.

Having taken the side of the tower off, I've pulled out the bit from where the flash/smoke came from and it's the PSU. Specifially it's a fortron/source PSU model number FSP145-61GN with 145W output. I would guess something in it's fried.

I don't want the computer anymore at all - I don't even have the monitor for it any more, just the tower, but I do want the data and stuff on it. Any ideas on the easiest - and cheapest - way of achieving that would be very gratefully received.


  Catastrophe 14:40 01 Oct 2006

If you have the hard disk you can take it out, change the jumper(s) to make it slave and fit it in (or attach it to) another computer and access ther data that way.

The jumper settings are usually shown on the hard drive.

  squareye 14:58 01 Oct 2006

catastrophe has it right, expand slightly if changing jumpers and enslavement sounds daunting, you only need a cross head screwdriver and maybe a small pair of pliers or tweezers. Disconnect from mains.Cover off.Locate the harddrive(s)..flat boxy things in a rack at the front, pull off power lead and data cable,(probably)undo 4 screws at the sides, slide out the harddrive(s), jumpers are small black rectangular objects at the back near where the cables went, note how they are now,there is often a diagram on a sticker showing the possible configurations, pull out and re-arrange the jumpers to the slave set-up, then you can connect to another computers data cable, the slave plug on an ide ribbon cable, connect the power and you harddrive will appear as a drive and set of folders on the computer, then copy it or whatever,.

  Spark6 15:00 01 Oct 2006

A reliable inexpensive method, especially for someone not keen on opening the cases of working computers, would be to use an Easy IDE adapter.

I purchased one last week and it does the job a treat. The cost was £20.95 including postage from click here

  wee eddie 16:05 01 Oct 2006

as a term of the warranty.

Spark6 is right: Installing you old HDD in an External Caddy is definitely the simplest way to go and means that you can use it as a back-up device for as long as you need.

  erdworm 08:13 03 Oct 2006

thanks everyone - what exactly does an Easy IDE adaptor do?

  radi8or 08:45 03 Oct 2006
  wee eddie 08:56 03 Oct 2006

I have no idea.

You can buy these USB boxes (Sometimes called Caddies) which you put the old Hard Drive into. Then plug the Caddy into the USB Socket of your new PC which should be able to read it(the old HDD). You transfer all your old files, bits & pieces and settings(if you wish). Copy & Paste, Drag & Drop, whatever method you wish. When you are happy that you have everything that you need. You use Windows to Format the old Hard Drive, which cleans all the old information off it and then Reformat it.

Which leaves you with a handy External HDD for doing Backups using, Acronis, Dantz or whatever software that you chose.

  Spark6 10:15 03 Oct 2006

The EASY IDE unit I referred to does not have an enclosure. This arrangement is ideal for temporary connection and testing/running 3.5" and 2.5" HDD's, DVD and CD players.

I recommend it!

  wee eddie 11:37 03 Oct 2006

If you are working as a PC repair man. Saves you having to Slave a drive to your PC (No Jumper Switch changes etc)if I interpret it's use correctly.

However, it cost more or less the same as a Caddy and does not have the benefit of allowing to carry on using an old HDD as a back-up device.

  erdworm 22:50 03 Oct 2006

so, I buy an EASY IDE unit. Then I have to get the HDD out of my old PC. then I stick that in the Easy IDE and plug that into the USB port of my new PC and transfer stuff over. Is that about right?

In which case how to I get the HDD out of the old PC, without using a big hammer!

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