Data Recovery Cost?

  babybell 16:24 25 Apr 2011

I have only had my 'WD - My Book' External Hard Drive for two months but this afternoon it has failed to power on. My PC is fine, but when I connect my external hard drive, the power light just flashes and it fails to boot up.

I have checked the WD website and it says this indicates a drive failure. I know its under warrenty, but I have so many photos and pictures on the drive I am sick with worry about getting them back?

How much would a data recovery company charge me to get the information back?

I have checked my warrenty and it says that WD accept no responsibility for recovery, so it looks like I'm forking out for this myself!!!

  rawprawn 16:44 25 Apr 2011

Read this about data recovery

Data Recovery

  babybell 16:47 25 Apr 2011

I already have, but I have been quote £800 to use their specialist service and the drive only cost £50 so I'd rather lose the warrenty and go somewhere else!

  bremner 17:03 25 Apr 2011

Have you tried removing the drive from the enclosure and connecting directly to a computer?

  rawprawn 17:10 25 Apr 2011

In that case bremmer is right, it's worth a try.

  babybell 17:15 25 Apr 2011

No I havent tried that, whilst I'm ok about taking apart the hard-drive, I wouldnt want to start messing around with my laptop!

  onthelimit1 17:23 25 Apr 2011

You don't need to - just get an adaptor cable so you can connect HDD direct to a USB port - an example link text

  Jollyjohn 17:32 25 Apr 2011


I can recommend these Data recovery specialists. They charged me £370 to recover the data from a hard drive I had formatted and Partitioned!. They do offer a no recovery no fee option.

  bremner 17:41 25 Apr 2011

baby bell

What part of the country are you in as I have experience of many recovery companies across the UK should that become necessary.

  babybell 17:45 25 Apr 2011

I'm from the South West, Bristol/Bath area

  babybell 17:51 25 Apr 2011

thanks Bremner, I'll wait to see what WD say then that might be an option.

The drive hasn't fallen so the drive should be perfectly sound, i think its just a problem with the power.

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