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  davo1979 11:55 21 Mar 2012

Hi, I have just been sent a new laptop from Three mobile and they offered me £150 cash back for my old one that they supplied me with 2 years ago. I am worried about all the stuff that is still on the HDD even though I have done a factory reset on the laptop. Is there a way to wipe it totaly clean ? In doing so I am worried that the wipe clean may wipe off the pre-installed Windows 7 making my cashback and sending the laptop back void.

Any advice would be cool.



  beeuuem 12:06 21 Mar 2012

You could install CCleaner ( from ) In the Tools option go to Drive Wiper - it will open with the option to wipe free space only, this is the option you need to retain the OS. Choose the number of over wipes that you want. This will prevent recovery by any but the most determined of any personal data on the laptop.

  davo1979 12:10 21 Mar 2012

Thanks for that.. will this make it totally secure, would someone be able to pull up my spreadsheet (that is password protected) that has all my bank details on... its all been deleted of course but im guessing there will be some sort of reference to it still on the system.


  KRONOS the First 12:25 21 Mar 2012

Why not, if you are so paranoid about someone going to a hell of a lot of bother to get your details,remove the hard-drive and then buy a cheap second hand one and stick that in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 21 Mar 2012

pre-installed Windows 7

makes it awkward to fit a new drive

Use the drive wipe free space tool in CCleaner, you can select 1 3 7 or 35 passes, the more passes the more secure depends on how paranoid you are :0)

3 should be sufficient, it will take some time

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