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  Migwell 23:56 26 Mar 2005

I up-graded my Tiscali connection from 256mb to 1Gig about two weeks back. A little while later a gentleman sent me a letter from another town telling me that he had received with his up-grade notification, my copy of the upgrade and all my bank details that Tiscali collect my payments with. Ie.Account number, sort code and my name & address had arrived with his as he had also up-graded at about the same time. I rang Tiscali and was told that it was just human error and should not of happened, but they could not turn the clock back again sorry. No manager or any one else were available at this time to comment. The assistant offered a return phone call from a manager but this will be when I am at work myself and unable to receive the phone call. Nothing more was offered. I am still feeling very upset with Tiscali and I am thinking of leaving them.Has any one else had simular treatment from them, please post.

  josie mayhem 00:47 27 Mar 2005

Even though they have broken the data protection act by sending your banking details to a third party. I dont think you will get very far with any reddress.

Prehaps if cancel your contract with them, then they might listen a bit more. After all they've broken there part.

Prehaps concider having a word with your bank so that they can give you a new account number, just in case.

And give the citizen advice a bell, to see what they say, about your rights and what you may expect.

When British Gas sent me banking details of one of there customers (without there address) not only did we tell BG, but also e-mailed the bank involved (worked out where abouts by sort code) but no-one was interested, so I very much doubt that the persons involved even knows what has happened (I await to see if we get there gas bill!!!!)

  octal 08:45 27 Mar 2005

You've done your best to point out Tiscali's error to them.

Write to your bank with a copy of the letter from the other party to keep them informed, you can cc a copy to Tiscali if you want and don't worry about it, by writing to the bank you've passed the problem on.

I'm sure its human error, from reports I've seen in this forum people seem mostly happy with Tiscali's service, this is not a plug for them as I'm with NTL.

  Forum Editor 10:26 27 Mar 2005

and of course they shouldn't, but it's not the end of the world.People routinely provide their bank details to other people - mine are clearly displayed on all my company invoices, so people can pay me via the BACS direct transfer system. The fact that someone else knows your address and bank account number is of no use to them, they can't access your account with that information.

Every time you write a cheque to pay a bill you pass on your name, sort code and bank account number (they are printed on the cheque), and if you've received an invoice then the other person knows your address as well.

Tiscali made a mistake, but from time to time everyone (including you) does it. Put it down to experience and relax - no harm has been done. There's certainly no reason why Tiscali should offer you anything other than an apology, and you've had that.

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