Data missing from wordpad documents.

  CHETMATT 22:40 02 Jan 2014

A little while ago i opened up one of my wordpad documents that was 7 pages long and to my great surprise all the data i had previously saved in this document was missing! I swear i did not delete the 7 pages of data myself. Today i opened up another wordpad document and guess what all the data i had saved in this doc was no longer there too! Whats going on here?!!! How is my laptop machine deleting this data?! Is there any way of retrieving the lost data or is it lost for good? I repeat i definitely did not delete the data knowingly myself.

  chub_tor 11:17 03 Jan 2014

By data are you implying something other than text? That's about all that Wordpad is good for.

  CHETMATT 22:36 03 Jan 2014

Files only contained numbers and words.

  alanrwood 10:56 04 Jan 2014

Have you ever read the data in the files after you created them. If so the the important word in you post is "knowingly" as files don't just clear themselves. That is unless you have managed to get infected with a virus. I would suggest an urgent virus check with an up to date virus checking program and do a deep scan not a quick scan. Also try downloading MalwareBytes Free but be careful when installing it not to install the crapware so do a Custom Install.

  chub_tor 11:01 04 Jan 2014

Sorry but don't think that I can help further with this. I did find a similar situation Click Here but no real solution. There was a suggestion that the text might be white on white (have you tried changing the text colour?) but the other comments are bad sectors on hard drive or bad RAM which I personally think are unlikely if everything else on your PC is OK. The last suggestion is that you have a virus so have you done a virus scan?

Wordpad is not a particularly good programme, have you thought of downloading the free Libre Office? Click Here

  alanrwood 19:04 04 Jan 2014

chub_tor's idea about text being white on a white backgroun is probably a good one. Open a document and try to select some text by clicking and dragging. If it shows up then the text is there. Another check is whether the program shows the correct number of pages.

  CHETMATT 22:55 04 Jan 2014

Thank you for your replies. When i opened the affected files with MS Word (unlicensed version) there were pages of SQUARES instead of words. In wordpad the affected docs are just blank. Im thinking the data in the affected docs has been corrupted somehow. When the affected docs are opened with MS Word the correct number of pages is shown. I ran a scan with mcafee security plus and it found a trojan infection. Could this be the culprit? Ive just done the scan ive not purchased mcafee internet security or any other anti-virus software yet.

  chub_tor 10:47 05 Jan 2014

Squares often mean that the font is unidentified or not installed on your PC. Try highlighting some of the squares and changing the font to something common such as Times New Roman.

It's possible that the Trojan is the culprit, so get it quarantined or removed. There are plenty of free anti-malware and anti virus programmes around so you don't need to buy one. Many users on this site use the free version of Malwarebytes and the free version of Avast - if you choose the latter make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to download the free version.

  alanrwood 12:23 05 Jan 2014

You have now established that the data is actually still there but is not capable of being displayed. Chub_tor is probably on the nail that you created the documents in a font that is no longer installed or your region settings have changed. Select the whole document text and change the font and see if that now shows the document

It is also quite possible that the trojan has altered the content of the document and if so then there is little prospect of returning it to its original state

  CHETMATT 19:16 12 Jan 2014

I have been using the calibri font in wordpad. Interestingly the affected Wordpad files (which do not display any of the data previously saved) when you open them show courier new as the font yet they were saved in calibri. Ive tried changing the font of the affected files in wordpad but the data still wont display.

When i go to This PC/documents and enter the name of one of the affected files in the 'search documents' box the search result shows the first few lines of text in the file so i guess the data is there i just have to find a way to access it!

To recap the affected files when opened with wordpad - do not display any of my previously saved data, when opened with MS word(unlicensed version) show pages of squares and when opened with open office show pages of #'s.

  WilliamLouis 10:46 09 Apr 2014

Hi, I have met this problem before. There are recovery tools can help you recover your missing files. Some require to pay while some are free like 4Card Recovery.

Before recovering, you need to know that once the original data changed, you will not be able to recover it. Therefore, you had better make sure that your data has not been changed. If so, you can try 4Card Recovery.

You can have a try. Download it online and install it on your computer. Run it and select all files to recover. Scan it and save it.

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