Data Execution Prevention - Microsoft Windows

  camilla11 22:31 10 Dec 2008

Hi all, I wonder if anyone has the solution to this please. My octogenarian father was using the windows "search" function to locate a file when this window came on the screen:

Data Execution Prevention - Microsoft Windows
To help protect your computer, windows has closed this programme.
Name: Windows Explorer
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Went onto the Help & Support Centre, read the "Understanding Data Execution Prevention" but it made no sense to either him or me.

Can anyone please help?
Thanks in anticipation

  brundle 23:05 10 Dec 2008

Just a crash, could be caused by any number of things. If it happens again and keeps happening then there is something to be investigated, otherwise such things occur once in a while and are nothing to worry about.

  camilla11 23:14 10 Dec 2008

Thanks Brundle, I tried it two or three times (thinking he'd done something wrong) but it still came up. He has shut it off now, so we'll try it again in the morning and if it persists, I'll be back.
Thanks again.

  camilla11 11:14 11 Dec 2008

Hi Brundle, tried it this morning and it's still the same so what can you suggest please and, is it complicated?

  ventanas 11:33 11 Dec 2008

Start\Control Panel\System\Advanced System Settings. Click Settings in the Performance section and click on the Data Execution prevention tab.
If the program is not listed make sure the lower option (turn on for all except those I select) is selected click on Add.
Browse to the offending program, in this case C:\Windows\Explorer.exe. Select it and click on Open.
Hopefully it will let you add it, but some programs will not.

  ventanas 11:37 11 Dec 2008

Another possibilty is a recently installed program may have certain extensions that Windows doesn't like.

  ventanas 11:46 11 Dec 2008

Sorry, meant to link to this.
click here

This will list your extensions to you could check them out one by one.

  camilla11 11:49 11 Dec 2008

Hi Ventanas, thanks for your information. Regarding the second one, no new programs have been installed recently, except that the keyboard was exchanged a few days ago, but they're just plug and play aren't they?

  ventanas 11:50 11 Dec 2008

Yep, but I would still have a look at the extensions, it may be one that got there unintentionally, like a browser helper object.

  provider 2 11:57 11 Dec 2008

Is it not to do with something in a program attempting to use more space than is allocated to it? Something called a "buffer overrun", I think, that Windows interprets as a possible security threat?

I tried to cure it using the add to thing in the DEP tab but that works only if you first apply DEP to all programs, then make exceptons ... which then causes the DEP thing to find more problems!

In my case it`s a disc with holiday photos on that I can load into My Pictures but attemping to open them always throws up the DEP warning.

Sorry I can`t be of any help but I hope someone may have an answer to this problem.

  ventanas 13:51 11 Dec 2008

If you want to turn it off altogether
click here

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