Data From Excel to Access

  Genius1 18:36 31 Jan 2006

Is there a (free!) way in which I can use a macro to transfer data from an Excel spreadsheet to an Access table? Preferably, I would like the table to automatically be created in Access when the macro button is clicked in Excel. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

  ade.h 18:51 31 Jan 2006

You can import worksheet data into Access if you create an appropriate table beforehand. There's an import/export function on one of the menus. (Memory's a little hazy, because I haven't used it for ages).

  ade.h 18:52 31 Jan 2006

I don't think there's any way of automatically generating a table though; do you have a lot of fields to create, I take it?

  kev d 18:53 31 Jan 2006

I entered the question "Transfer Excel data to Access" in Copernic and it gave me the following link:

click here

Good luck.

  Genius1 19:07 31 Jan 2006

Thanks, I'll have a look at this link.

  mammak 19:24 31 Jan 2006

Hi I know you would be able to link the data sheets but not to sure at how you would create the macro to create the table in Access any how have a look at click here it might help.

  beynac 20:00 31 Jan 2006

I'm not sure this will help but you can create a link in Access to an Excel spreadsheet. In Access, click on File, Get External Data, Link Tables. Select your Excel spreadsheet. Click Next then Finish. and you have a table in Access which will automatically be updated when you amend the data in the spreadsheet.

Sorry if this isn't what you're trying to achieve.

  beynac 21:11 31 Jan 2006

Just to clarify - my suggestion would create the table in Access, with the first row of the spreadsheet being the field names.

  Genius1 20:19 23 Feb 2006

I know I started this thread a while ago, but in case anyone wants to know the answer, I found the solution - a piece of Visual Basic code. If anyone wants the code, you're welcome to email me.

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