Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check when copying

  BibleGuru 20:53 07 May 2003

when trying to copy files from my CDRW disc onto my laptop HD I get the message "data error: (cyclic redundancy check)".

It will not let me copy the contents of the CDRW onto my laptop, and I have to cancel the operation.

Does anyone know what the cause is?
Does anyone have a solution?

My guess is that the laptop CD Drive or the CDRW disc may be faulty.

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 21:26 07 May 2003

it sounds like either
-The files have not copied to the CD properly. Can you open them from the CD without copying them across.

-the CD has got damaged.

but thing to check is as i have said above. can you open the files directly from the CD

Hope this helps

  BibleGuru 00:39 08 May 2003

I can open the files from the CDRW, even though they are read only. It's the copying that's the problem.

Any suggestions?

  BibleGuru 12:09 08 May 2003

I still need assistaance with this!

  Eagie 12:30 08 May 2003

I don't suppose you have more than one drive do you? I sometimes have this problem when copying from my DVD drive but when I use my CDRW drive it works ok (and sometimes the reverse happens).

  BibleGuru 20:30 08 May 2003

Eagie: I have just a single CD Drive on my laptop - it's clearly part of the problem.

I would like to know what the significance of the Data error Cyclic Redundancy Check is?

  powerless 20:34 08 May 2003

When a file is copied a check is made to check that the file copied is the exact copy of the file on the hard drive.

This CRC error is saying that the file copied is different to the file on the hard drive.

It's the CD-RW disc in my opinion and if you read other peoples views on CD-RW's they are not worth it. Too unreliable to use. Best to go for CD-R cheaper and hassle freee.

  BibleGuru 02:02 10 May 2003

But with CDRs I can only burn them once!
With CDRW I can reuse them many times.

  -pops- 05:52 10 May 2003

Try copying to your main hard drive first before you copy to the laptop.

I agree with Powerless though. In my opinion CDRWs are the spawn of the devil and I will not use them, having had disastrous experiences with them in the past.

Considering that CDRs are only a few pence each, I can't understand why this "can only use them once" excuse is valid. If a CDR works and a CDRW doesn't, well, the answer if fairly apparent.


  -pops- 05:54 10 May 2003

My first sentence should read: "Link the two computers and then try copying to your main hard drive first before you copy to the laptop"

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