Data connections to tablets

  stlucia2 07:54 11 Mar 2012

On looking at the specs for tablet computers (still!), I see that most of them don't have any socket other than a headphone socket. So, how do people get data in and out of them, please? I'm thinking of spreadsheets from my PC, and photos from my camera, for instance.

  bremner 09:00 11 Mar 2012

Those like the Galaxy Tab, iPad and Xoom definitely have wired data coonection ports.

Which tablet have you looked at that doesn't?

  stlucia2 09:06 11 Mar 2012

Sorry, I'm referring to USB ports. The iPad and Samsung Galaxy don't have them, according to the comparison table I was looking at

They have charging ports, so does data go in/out via that connector?

  KRONOS the First 10:12 11 Mar 2012

I can only speak for the ipad but yes the data does use the charging port. You use the same cable to charge as you do to connect to the PC where with itunes you can move your files to and from. There is also the icloud but to be honest I have not been impressed with its so called sync abilities no matter what the TV ad says.

  stlucia2 11:00 11 Mar 2012

Thanks, Chronus. So, if you want to get pictures from your camera or phone to your iPad, you normally download them to your PC first, and then transfer them?

I see now that there's a Camera Connection Kit for the iPad, which gives you (I think) a USB socket and an SD card socket, and a similar thing for the Samsung Galaxy. Pity they didn't install them in the factory, rather than charge £25 or so extra.

  bremner 11:50 11 Mar 2012


Installing them would add to the initial cost and would mean thicker tablets.

With the ipad there is no need to connect to the computer to download photos from the computer, it can now be done over wi-fi.

  wiz-king 13:58 11 Mar 2012

Galaxy seems to have usb

  Woolwell 14:14 11 Mar 2012

The iPad syncs via iTunes by USB using the supplied cable which fits to the power socket or wifi. The camera connection kit is only for connecting a camera by USB or for reading a SD card it will not work with a USB memory stick (I tried and it came up and said there was insufficient power).

  bremner 14:16 11 Mar 2012


If you look at the manual the connection to a PC is standard USB but the connection to the Tab is similar to an iPod, iPhone, iPad connection. Picture and called the Multifunction Jack

  lotvic 19:13 11 Mar 2012

Samsung SD Card and USB Adapter kit. I think you need one of these adapters made by Samsung available on Amazon if you read the comments/review at bottom it says you can even plug a mouse in and use that as well as using it for usb memory sticks

and thanks for starting this thread, I've been dithering over which tablet to get because of the usb thing :)

  Woolwell 19:17 11 Mar 2012

I've had an iPad for nearly a year and a lack of a USB port hasn't been a problem at all.

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