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  User-73839536-2E74-401A-834B3DBEBA224D22 15:43 21 Feb 2004

help!! i run windows xp home edition, when i go to install anything from a disc, halfway through the installation i get this error message= error 1311 source file not found: e:\setup\, verify that the file exists and that you can access it. can anyone help please, ahhhh (sorry) that was me screaming.

  JIM 16:03 21 Feb 2004

What software are you trying to install?

This may occur when you try to install any Windows Installer-based program.

this time a printer, hp psc 1200 series, but it happens all the no matter what i try to install

  JIM 17:57 21 Feb 2004

Take it you have the service pack installed? How do you proceed after the error message,"no problems or is there a follow up"

Some say that,copying the contents of the windows cd to the hard drive and run the installation from there by double-clicking the setup.exe file cures the problem.

"If" that is the answer,it must in some way be your configuration of Windows as it is unusual, for Win XP/to act as such.I have come across it after a Office install but again that required a patch.

Otherwise i would try a XP repair to your system.

any suggestions as to the repair?

  JIM 10:20 22 Feb 2004

print of the text or pics if needed.(easy to follow) xp/xp/pro.

click here

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