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  smartdave 23:39 04 Aug 2004

I have just bought an MSI CD_RW/DVD drive. I have tried to copy a Katie Melua enhanced CD, using Nero express 6's copy entire disk option.

The resultant disk plays fine on a PC, but all hifi's, including my cd-write compatible Sony Ice, do not work properly. They play the first track ok, then the second track seems to contain all the rest of the tracks. If you try to select track 3 onwards...a "no Disk" message appears!

Also when I run windows explorer/power file/my computer for the original cd, all they show is the computer data, subdirectory and hit single MPEG. The actual audio tracks are not shown. WM player shows the tracks and titles. I thought if I could individually load the tracks, I could create an audio cd without the unwanted enhanced data.

  billyliv 01:05 05 Aug 2004

Hi, This is just another way to foil computer users copying CDs. Try copying to cassette tape, then transferring the tape to computer. cheers, Bill

  THE TERMINATOR 01:13 05 Aug 2004

I think you have copied the cd to a re-writable disk, put it on a cdr disk....TT

  smartdave 01:41 05 Aug 2004

I had heard that alot of "coasters" are made using cheap CD-R's. I bought expensive TDK ones and still have 4/4 failures. Though to be fair the second and third can be played without problems on a PC

  Chegs ® 03:35 05 Aug 2004

The easiest way I have found to copy any CD is to use "Paragon CD-ROM Emulator" It allows an ISO image of any non copyright protected CD to be created,a user defined quantity of Virtual DVD-ROM's,and can create images of any copyright protected CD's that can only be loaded and played in these virtual drives.I have been experimenting with it this evening,and (apart from it hogging a chunk of resources until disabled on startup)it works brilliantly.I can now "retire" my games CD's to their cases for safety.I had tried other virtual CD/drive programs,but none of them have worked as well,especially on copy protected CD's.I'm going to try a DVD disc too(as these virtual drives are labelled CD-DVD)click here

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