DAT72 tape drive problem

  lahorie 10:06 24 Oct 2007


I have dat72 tape drive. All of a sudden when it gets to about 55gb, it starts asking for a new tape, hardware compression is on the drive and enabled, drive is a HP DAT72 drive. When i run a manual backup of the file server for example it holds upto 68gb and the job finishes on one tape. The regular backup is now asking for a second tape at 55gb. I'm at a loss, i use veritas backup exec 10.0.

Secondly, will dat160 tapes fit into a dat72 drive? I know dat160 drives are backward compatible with dat72 tapes but not if dat160 tapes are compatible with dat72 drives.


  ^wave^ 10:21 24 Oct 2007

could be a couple of things type of data being compressed you can only compress it so far,has the data you are backing up changed. how old are the tapes you are using this type of media can only do so many passes. have you cleaned the drive its self
try the tape that did the manual backup on the regular job
has the veritas job report shown any errors on the tape or the job being run or is it just normal end of tape being reported

  lahorie 10:26 24 Oct 2007

Hi wave

I know the data can only be compressed so much, the tape i put in was brand new as like you i know they can only be used so often. The tape drive has been cleaned. As for the job log, there are a few exceptions but no errors reported.


  ^wave^ 10:38 24 Oct 2007

my thoughts are now that you have a problem with the drive. you may find that you get less and less data on a tape as time goes on only real way to prove this is try another drive.

  lahorie 12:43 24 Oct 2007

Hi wave,

Looks like it, a 72gb compressed tape can only hold 55 to 60 gb in reality before asking for a new tape i am reliably informed, looks like a new tape drive.

Thanks for your help.


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