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  kidda123 17:20 05 Jan 2009

Hi All,

I am in the process of using files and settings transfer wizard (FAST)on my current PC. The first attempt made the DAT files associate with Nero Showtime!!! I have uninstalled Nero and changed the file type to notepad. Will there be any problems with my new PC collecting the data required when I try and install using FAST on my new PC?


  kidda123 17:22 05 Jan 2009

Hi Again,

It's now made the DAT files associate with windows media player, this is surely going to cause problems later?

  brundle 17:27 05 Jan 2009

The association makes no difference to the data.
Had roughly equal success and failure with File & Settings Transfer in the past, don't rely on it 100%

  kidda123 17:30 05 Jan 2009

Thanks for that,

I will also back up using McAfee for the files only. I am expecting issues due to the fact I am going to try Vista 64bit.

Whats you views?

  brundle 17:37 05 Jan 2009

Sorry, I have no experience of either.

  DieSse 17:46 05 Jan 2009

.dat is amongst many other things a valid video CD file type.

I've just yesterday had a system in with this issue - amongst many others. It's a common issue that seems to be triggered by Showtime.

In fact you can leave it as is - since you don't want to be messing with .dat files - it won't have any effect.

You can try this :-

Go to Explorer - Tools - Folder Options.

Select the File Types tab and scroll down to the DAT file entry. Delete it.

OK out of the Window.

Go to a .dat file, Right-click and choose "Open with" Select Notepad, and tick the box to make it the default application for this file type.

Go back to Explorer - Tools - Folder Options.

Repeat as above but this time choose New - and add a DAT definition.

If you're lucky it will have associated your .dat files with Notepad, and changed the icon to a Notepad one.

I also edited the Registry to remove Showtime from the .dat file associations, but I think this may have been unnecessary.

  kidda123 20:45 05 Jan 2009

Thanks for the response DieSse

So am I right in presuming that I should leave well alone and that in theory there should be no issues when I come to install these files and settings onto my new O/S?

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