DAT files

  JoJoh 10:32 14 Jul 2003

I am operating windows 98 with office 2000. For some reason all of my attachments are being sent as DAT files.
My contacts are finding that they cannot open these. I need to solve this DAT file problem.

  Pauper 17:34 14 Jul 2003

Have a look at the info in this link: click here

  Pauper 17:38 14 Jul 2003

errrr maybe not, instead go to click here and type 197064 in the search box. The first result in the list should be the one you want.

  JoJoh 17:39 14 Jul 2003

Pauper - This link does not work. Please re-send

  JoJoh 18:13 14 Jul 2003

Dear Pauper - Thanks for this. I was sending
emails in rich text format. I have now changed
and will find out tomorrow if this works. This
seems though to be the problem

  Pauper 18:14 14 Jul 2003

Jojoh, apologies for the link, I was trying to get you to Microsoft knowledge base article 197064, the info from the link is as follows:

When you use Microsoft Outlook to send e-mail containing attachments through the Internet, some recipients using e-mail clients, other than Outlook, report that the mail message includes an additional file called Winmail.dat. The file is usually very small, but cannot be opened in the mail message.

The Winmail.dat file is used to preserve formatting that the sending client includes in the message, but is not recognized by the receiving client. In the case of Outlook, the Winmail.dat file includes Rich Text Formatting (RTF) instructions. This type of formatting is used with the Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format and when using Microsoft Word as an e-mail editor.

To avoid including Winmail.dat, use the Plain Text mail format. To select Plain Text for all messages, follow these steps:

On the Tools menu, click Options and then Mail Format.
In "Send in this message format", click to select Plain Text.
To send to certain recipients with RTF format and others with Plain Text, you must set the option for the recipient in either the Personal Address Book or the recipient's contact record.

To set Plain Text by recipient in the Address Book, follow these steps:

On the Tools menu, click Address Book.
In Show Names From, select the Personal Address Book.
Select the addressee you want to set as Plain Text and on the File menu, click Properties.
Click to clear the "Always send to this recipient in Microsoft Exchange Rich Text Format" check box and click OK.
To set Plain Text in the recipient's contact record, follow these steps:

Open the recipient's record in the Contacts folder.
Double-click the recipient's e-mail address.
Click to clear the "Always send to this recipient in Microsoft Exchange Rich Text Format" check box and click OK.

For additional information on Winmail.dat attachments, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
149203 XFOR: Preventing Winmail.dat From Being Sent Over IMC

138053 XFOR: Preventing WINMAIL.DAT Sent to Internet Users

  Pauper 18:21 14 Jul 2003

jojoh, I know you have ticked but I just want to see if this link will work click here

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