dark display

  RENNO 21:48 29 Jan 2003

Help ive just rebooted my pc and the display has come back darker ? have tried removing graphics card , reseting and adjusting monitor, the monitors on screen menu is fine etc but still it seems like someone has turned the brightness down win2000 professional,(no new software added or removed) nvidia geforce2 mx440 ,ecs k5s7a, amdxp2000,512ddr,2x20gig maxtor on ata133 pci adapter card all been running fine for 6months plus help!!!!

  Lone Crow 22:20 29 Jan 2003

With the power OFF, try disconnecting and reconnecting the lead between monitor and PC at both ends to make sure there isn't a poor connection. Then I would try reinstalling the driver for your graphics card. You say the on-screen display is okay, so that indicates the monitor itself is alright (yes?), so it has to be PC-based or the connecting lead. Good luck. LC.

  Djohn 22:27 29 Jan 2003

Not familiar with the (nvidia geforce2 mx440), but does that also have brightness/contrast controls on it as well? some cards do.

  AndySD 22:31 29 Jan 2003

click here drivers

  sil_ver 22:38 29 Jan 2003

I've a GeForce2-Ti. Have you loaded the latest detonator driver?. If not, do so, you should then have the option to adjust brightness by right clicking on desktop then on settings then advanced then - I think - colour management.

  RENNO 23:27 29 Jan 2003

weird thing left for an hour, rebooted and now its ok. what worrys me is wheather or not it is serious also it took out my modem . I will just have too wait and see what happens i suppose . Thanks for the tips though . Ive said it before but its nice to know that there are people out there who will try and help . thanks again


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