Dark Blobs at the top of the screen

  golfpro 07:47 16 May 2007

I have just noticed there are four or five small dark stains/blobs at the very top edge of my TFT Screen (LG Flatron L20 10B). What could cause these.

  MAJ 07:58 16 May 2007

Do you have a pussy, golfpro? Mine chases the cursor round the screen trying to catch it (it's hilarious) but her tongue leaves little marks all over the place. If that's not the cause, then have they been there long? Are they dead pixels?

  golfpro 08:42 16 May 2007

"Do you have a pussy, golfpro?"
I wasn't too sure how I should answer that, if you mean do I own a Cat, no.
I think I have an idea what dead pixels look like, but I don't think these are. If you can imagine waves on the ocean but upside down at the very top of the screen about 15-30mm deep and 50mm across running from the right hand corner to the centre, that's what I've got. I don't know how long they have been there, but not long I should imagine as I have only just noticed them.

  jack 09:01 16 May 2007

Have tried touching the area?
Most screens have a flexible surface, which if pressed cause a momentary distortion.
So try a gentle push - see what happens
Of course you may not have a feline member of the family but if other inquisitive diminutive personages be they family or visitors have been trying to catch things whilst you were out there chasing little white objects with a bent stick-who know what mischief may be wrought.
Meanwhile getting away from early morning mirth - Warranty - got any left?

  MAJ 09:02 16 May 2007

Yes I think I know what you mean, golfpro. It sounds like someone has grabbed the top of the monitor to either lift it or adjust it's angle and they have left their finger impressions in the soft part of the screen. Is that possible?

  golfpro 10:56 16 May 2007

Tried gentle pushing and cleaning, still there. I am the only one who uses the PC. The Monitor is over two years old so no warranty I don't think, I will have to check.
When I changed the desk top to white, the spots came up a light green in colour.
The rest of the screen is perfect, so it doesn't bother me too much at the moment. If it gets any worst I'll get in touch with LG and see what they say.

  Gongoozler 11:04 16 May 2007

Most electrical effects will be individual pixel dots or thin lines from top to bottom or side to side of the screen. A blob suggests to me mechanical damage such as has already been suggested. I cleaned fingerprints from my screens with a proprietary cleaning tissues click here

  golfpro 11:41 16 May 2007

Its definitely not dirty marks or smudges. The only thing I can think of is Heat. At the top and sides of the Monitor are ventilation slots to dissipate the heat (and it does get quite warm after being on for the whole day). For a while now, when I shut down at the end of the day, I have covered the screen by putting a tea towel over the top of the monitor and hanging down the front to keep dust of the screen. Could this be the cause?

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