Dariks Boot and Nuke disc wiping software problem

  jonmac 19:40 30 Apr 2015

Has anyone used the above software and if so what would happen if you set it in automatic mode to wipe a hard disc while a modem and printer were also plugged in. Could it affect them in some way?

  robin_x 20:36 30 Apr 2015

No. Are you sure you really want to nuke the drive?

Other options may be available depending on what you have in mind.

  bumpkin 23:00 30 Apr 2015

All it will do is overwrite the HDD with zero's or one's (0 or 1) there are loads of free programs that will do the same. Unplug the modem and printer if that is concerning you.

  jonmac 23:02 30 Apr 2015

It's already been done apparently prior to disposal of the PC and now the lady has lost her Broadband via her Ipad. Yet it always worked OK without the PC being on. Maybe just coincidence....or maybe not?

  jonmac 23:05 30 Apr 2015

Sorry that last response from me wasa to robin_X

  jonmac 06:27 01 May 2015

So I suppose my question can be reformatted to....if that software was run with the modem still connected might it have "seen" the modem, which perhaps a modicum of data storage within it, and took it to be a storage decice to be also zapped? At any rate her broadband has stopped working and rebooting hasn't cured it. I'll see her later and wondered what I could tell her.

  robin_x 12:37 01 May 2015

You can reset the Router/Hub by holding its button in.

Then you re-enter the login details she will have on a card or on a label on the router.

Perhaps don't do that as a first step. See if you can get connected first with her iPad and your phone/laptop/tablet

Might need a phone call to the Provider's Helpline if you get stuck.

Or a Google of the Hub/Router Model and ISP which will be tricky if you can't get on-line at her place.

  robin_x 12:45 01 May 2015

You can check and configure if you take a laptop and an ethernet cable to plug in directly.

(can't configure by WiFi, unless I'm out of date)

Need to type something like click here or to get access. Depends on which one it is.

  robin_x 12:47 01 May 2015

click here should read h t t p:// without the spaces

  jonmac 21:14 01 May 2015

Thanks robin_x for all your advice. As it turned out when I went down there earlier a simple turn off of the modem for 20 mins then then back on cured the problem! So there was no damage to it at all caused by the erasing operation.

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