DAP free

  March Wind 11:20 10 Jun 2011

DAP This is the version I am using for DAP. It is telling me there is a free Update to I have to click on finnish to install but nothing happens. Advise please

  Nontek 12:44 10 Jun 2011

If your DAP is working fine, then I would not bother with the so-called update, you probably would not notice any difference even if you did manage to update.

  northumbria61 13:20 10 Jun 2011

I am using V. on Windows 7 - I update when one is available but I have to agree with Nontek about the "difference" - I never notice any !

  sunnystaines 13:32 10 Jun 2011

using ver 9 6 0 7 as northumbria61

delete your version as use the latest free version.

  northumbria61 20:20 10 Jun 2011

Sunnystaines - How's your health - keeping okay these days ?

  sunnystaines 22:05 10 Jun 2011


there are a lot of people a lot worse than me, so i am grateful i am not worse. but present still suffering chronic cluster head pain,odd migraine,asthma that makes me breathless on exertion, shoulder impingment. in all feel ready for scrapheap, prior to my 50's i was ok.

  northumbria61 22:59 11 Jun 2011

Okay - Keep you chin up (and keep taking the tablets !!)

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