Damsel in distress with USB hub

  corbs 16:17 12 Jul 2006

Hi, I have a long and complicated trauma going on with my USB hub. To start with, last year I bought a hub with four ports that did not have its own power source. It was fine until a couple of weeks ago my ipod stopped being recognised, then my memory stick stopped being recognised, then when i tried to use my scanner it didnt work, so i tried to remove my wireless keyboard which also uses a usb, to try that port, it didn't work there either. when i put my keyboard back in that stopped working. I read on a forum that the USB hub may need some power to help it, when i plugged pwoer into it, it switched my computer off. I then nipped to PC world and bought a new hub which has 7 ports. I plugged evrything in, my ipod worked, my memory stick worked, but i still cannot get my keyboard or scanner to work. I have tried updating my drivers, uninstalling my drivers, system restore, virus scanning but to no avail! I have alaptop with xp sp2. I have just realised that it doesn't recognise my CDRW either. ANy help would be greatly received, I don't understand what is going on!

  Jackcoms 16:31 12 Jul 2006

On the face of it you seem to have done everything - particularly system restore and updated drivers.

One point and one question come to mind:

Ideally, power hungry hardware such as scanners, keyboards and modems need their own dedicated USB port.

Is your 7-port USB hub powered or not?

  johnnyrocker 16:31 12 Jul 2006

first off look in device manager far any yellow warning signs or question marks, right click 'my computer' properties, hardware, device manager


  corbs 16:55 12 Jul 2006

It is a powered hub, and there are no error mesaages in device amanger, it just says there are 7 hubs, and waht is being used, and the aforementioned objects are not there?!

  corbs 18:18 12 Jul 2006

any other ideas? i really need these things to work, I have a MA thesis to write!

  thms 19:15 12 Jul 2006

Are you connecting your keyboard through the hub?
If so disconnect and try it by connecting straight to the computer. You may also have to reset your keyboard. I have a wireless mouse and when I lost connection I had to reset it by pressing the connect button on the transmitter and mouse.

  corbs 19:23 12 Jul 2006

yes it was connected through the hub, but it now won't work through the port on my computer either. i have tried changing the batteries and reconnecting it a few times. Do you think the cables or fuses could have been blown?

  961 19:24 12 Jul 2006

USB hubs are a bit of a nightmare!

Can you say how many USB ports your laptop has, and how many devices you need to work via USB?

  thms 19:25 12 Jul 2006

You say that you uninstalled and reinstalled drivers.
How did you do this? Did you uninstall keyboard drivers, switch off, connect keyboard, reboot.
If so did windows detect your keyboard?

  corbs 19:38 12 Jul 2006

my computer has two usb ports, one has my broadband connected, the other was for my hub, my new hub having 7 ports. i need to connect my scanner, cdrw, ipod, memory stick, external hard drive and on occasions my camera.

  corbs 19:40 12 Jul 2006

i have only updated the drivers for my keyboard and mouse,not uninstalled, even though it said they had the best match for the software. i uninstalled allmy usb drivers, right click uninstall. this however did not fix the problems with the other components apart from the keyboard.

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