Damn trojan

  trepidation 17:39 27 Jan 2008

Hey guys, i cant get this damn thing off my PC.

click here

I tried to heal it come straight back.
I tried to Delete and my PC did not boot back up, so i went safe mode> System restore.

  mfletch 17:44 27 Jan 2008


Download and run SAS Superantispyware,

SAS FREE version,

click here

Then do a full scan in safe mode,


  trepidation 17:45 27 Jan 2008

I will try it at once.

  RobCharles1981 18:06 27 Jan 2008

Let us know how to see if you have removed the Trojan.


  Graham. 18:11 27 Jan 2008

It may be hiding in System Restore.

  mfletch 18:17 27 Jan 2008


Anything in the system restore cannot reinstate it;s self,

You have to do a manual system restore to get infected again,

The best way is to leave your system restore points installed until your computer is running OK,

Any restore point is better than none {even a infected one}


  trepidation 18:51 27 Jan 2008

Major problems guys.

I installed SAS Superantispyware, Did an update.

Rebooted, and went safe mode and did a test.

Memory items = 0 detected
Registry items = 0 detected
File items = 100K scanned 114 items detected.

So i followed the process and deleted, it asked for a reboot, and now i have a black screen after login, all i can do is CTRL ALT delete. No desktop or start menu is appearing. I am posting here by luck that i can run firefox by CTRL ALT delete.

  trepidation 18:53 27 Jan 2008

Expolorer.exe is not starting, and wont hold when i run it from task manager

Woot the heck :s

  VoG II 18:56 27 Jan 2008

From CTRL/ALT/DEL try running


  trepidation 18:58 27 Jan 2008

Restore to where exactly? That is what i did last time i tried to concur it.

  mfletch 19:01 27 Jan 2008


Try restarting in safe mode if possible then open SAS look in Manage Quarantine try restore,

Also in SAS preferences click on repairs is there anything there what will help,

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