Dambusters ringtone

  Bald Eagle 10:28 19 Jul 2009

Yes I know not really computer orientated but as a numpty I need help! I've found this site for the above click here and it just gives a list of letters and numbers, do I enter them onto the phone, a Nokia 6300? Is it easy? All the listings I've found don't do the "Dambusters" march. In case you're wondering it's an age thing! I'm well into middleage at 62 and don't like screaming sirens etc usually supplied to get my attention!

  johndrew 10:38 19 Jul 2009

I believe the answer to your question is to enter as shown. Whether it is `easy` or not is down to how tired your fingers get!!

One point I would make is the site is classed as `Unsafe` by McAfee SiteAdvisor and may not be trustworthy.

  birdface 10:50 19 Jul 2009

WOT gives the site as Ok.Pity that they all of them do not give out the same message.
Bald Eagle.My grandaughter used to download all her ringtones like that.But that was years ago.You would have thought that there would be an easier method by now.
Mind you she used to be very quick at downloading them.
Only way to find out if it is the correct one is to try it.
best of luck,let us know how you get on.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:04 19 Jul 2009

I have no idea if this music is copyrighted or not - check before you download. Really, please check.

click here

  Bald Eagle 15:07 19 Jul 2009

Checked and it is copyright protected. So if I pay for a download will that acknowledge the fact and be legal to download?

  JoeC 15:56 19 Jul 2009

click here

Scroll down to audio and look for Dambusters

It plays in WMP. Save it to your PC and transfer to phone.

  Daiol 16:00 19 Jul 2009

Bald eagle,Do you hav blutooth on your phone and your pc?.If so why cant you get the music req from a genuine cd then transfer it to phone via blutooth.Thats what i have succesfully done i have a motorola v8 phone.Just a though have a look into it a lot safer than downloaing from an unknown website.daiol.

  Bald Eagle 16:16 19 Jul 2009

JoeC thanks for that. Daiol as I said I'm a numpty when it comes to technology so no blutooth! Downloaded from JoeC's site so will click as resolved. Once again a good response from this site.

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