Damaged HD data recovery

  jobloggs1234 05:30 30 Jun 2009


The power supply to the pc was switched off while the HD was running - We gave it to a local PC repair man who is unable to recover my photo's.

Can anyone recommend a company to recover my photo's who is not going to rip me off ?

  Technotiger 07:59 30 Jun 2009

If you can access the drive, perhaps put it into a USB Enclosure click here, you would probably be able to recover all your photo's using click here

  jobloggs1234 08:07 30 Jun 2009

I assume that the guy who I gave my hard drive to -to try and retrieve the data would have tried this do you think?

He mentioned a cady etc - but when I told him what had happened - ie power switched off- he said that it had probably damaged the drive -

Any advice appreciated - I have lost 2 years of family photos

  Technotiger 08:10 30 Jun 2009

I doubt very very much whether the guy has even heard of CampicRestor, unless he has been to this Forum! BTW, it is totally Free, so give it a try!

  jobloggs1234 16:33 30 Jun 2009

unable to access hard drive as 'BIOS is not recognising the hard drive - does this mean i cant use the 'campicrecovr' - is there a way round it?

But I just recovered over 1000 deleted photo's from sd card using this programme - so THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED

  DieSse 17:11 30 Jun 2009

"The power supply to the pc was switched off while the HD was running"

Er - every time you switch off a PC, the power is switched off the hard drive - that's how it stops running! There is no power switch on a hard drive, it turns off when the power to it is turned off.

Either the drive has failed - in which case you've lost what is on it unless you take a fairly expensive specialist data recovery route.

Or the drive is corrupted. In which case the USB connection to a working system route, plus recovery software, can be tried.

Of course you need a working system to try it.

If the BIOS cannot even detect the hard drive, then your chances of being able to run a recovery program on it are slim to nothing. However if the power went off the system in a power cut or power surge situation, it's also possible that something else has failed (power supply, motherboard, etc) which is preventing the system from finding the drive.

  Technotiger 17:24 30 Jun 2009

DieSse has already answered your query - I am afraid there is no work-around to enable the use of CampicRestor.

Anyway, I am glad it did you some good - it is a very useful little program to have in your 'armoury'.


  Technotiger 17:43 30 Jun 2009

Just had a thought - how did you try to access the hard-drive, not recognised by BIOS?

Try it in a USB Enclosure and attach to a working PC.

If you can then access the drive, CampicRestor will do the business.

  jobloggs1234 19:28 30 Jun 2009

The computer was in the middle closing down when the power was switched off at the wall.

The pc guy tried to access the hard-drive - not sure how.

If the worst comes to the worst I am prepared to pay for specialist recovery - but am worried about a reputable company - can anyone recommend?

  Technotiger 20:31 30 Jun 2009

Hmmm, specialist recovery will cost probably around £250 Plus!

Have you tried the USB enclosure route?

The PC Guy probably tried by connecting the hard drive as a Slave drive - hence problems with BIOS non-recognition.

  Technotiger 20:33 30 Jun 2009

I am in the Portsmouth area, if you are anywhere near me, I could try it for you, (Campic Restor I mean) I have all the necessary hardware.

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