Damaged CPU on istallation

  firerescue999 16:06 22 Dec 2005

Hi, I replaced a CPU on my mobo and blew the CPU due to not putting thermal paste between the CPU and heat sink. I have since replaced my mobo and fitted a new CPU and my computer is now working fine. My question is can I salvage the mainboard and build a new PC with it or do you think I have damaged the mobo through my Incompetence?


  woodchip 16:15 22 Dec 2005

the mobo should be ok

  firerescue999 16:22 22 Dec 2005

Thanks for that

  Belatucadrus 19:47 22 Dec 2005

My only concern is how you blew the CPU, while thermal paste fills voids between the heat exchanger and the CPU and definately improves heat dissapation.
Not putting it on shouldn't be sufficient in itself to fry the chip.
Given the cost of a new chip when compared with a MOBO, I'd be wary of buying stuff for the old board. Unless you are absolutely 100% sure that's why the CPU failed.

  Gongoozler 20:12 22 Dec 2005

I had just this quandary when I blew my CPU by not cleaning it properly when I fitted a new heatsink. I used this as an excuse to get a new motherboard and faster CPU. I recently resurrected the old motherboard, bought a cheap case from Ebuyer and a processor and memory via Ebay and used them to build a computer for my Grandson at a total cost of under £50. In this case the motherboard had clearly survived the blowing of the processor.

I have to disagree with Belatucadrus. Although the function of heatsink compound is to fill the voids, without it the only contact between the processor and the heatsink is the peaks of the surfaces which are fairly roughly machined. If the surfaces were precision lapped then perhaps that would be sufficient without heatsink compound.

  Belatucadrus 23:00 22 Dec 2005

"roughly machined" ? never seen a unit with such a bad contact surface and as a confirmed cheapskate I don't pay over the odds. But there's clearly the possibility of poor contact and as a proponent of Arctic silvers Ceramique rather than pads or silicone thermal grease, I would never suggest leaving the compound out was anything but a mistake.

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