Dail-up -BB connection [Nicole this page-#2]

  jack 11:05 21 Jul 2005

This is a variation of the problem posed by Nicole eariler and so ably answered by Woodchip.

I am currently of prepaid dial-up.
I am hovering on moving to BB, but and wavering because of cost and percieved real need to do so.
My ISP is busly instally LUL in exchanges and where they have done so - offer really good prices -but have not yet done my exchange- so I wait awhile.
I have the opportunity to aquire from another source the BB modem/filter/software pack for free.
So , with nine months prepaid credit still to run I am being tempted.
The question that Nicole raised and gives me a doubt
is this

Can dial-up and BB run side by side on the same machine as a belt and braces measure, be be readliy accessed?

  johnnyrocker 11:07 21 Jul 2005

no the machine can only cope with one connection configuration at a time ie you can switch between connection methods but not use both at the same time.


  woodchip 11:37 21 Jul 2005

Jack I am with BT/NTL Freedom connection, I don't know if they still do the offer but it costs me £24.99 a month 512mb No Cap you can download as much as you want 24/7 connection all Local and National 01 and 02 phone calls are free 24/7. They supply a Alcatel Thomson USB Modem and Filters free

  woodchip 11:40 21 Jul 2005

Check hear it should put you on the right lines. Put your post code in click here

  woodchip 11:44 21 Jul 2005

And to you question yes you can have a BB Modem and Dial-Up modem on the same computer. But the Dial-Up modem goes to the opposite side of the filter BB at one side Phone and Dial-Up on the other side of filter. BB cannot send FAX but a Dial-Up can. So Fax would be free if on the BB connection I am on, and it was within the 01 or 02 number limit

  woodchip 11:48 21 Jul 2005

They can be used at the same time as they go down different pipe in the same phone line. I.E the filter separates them

  pj123 11:49 21 Jul 2005

I have NTL BB 2mb and I still have an AOL dial-up account with an analogue modem as a backup. I can run both at the same time. I log on to NTL BB and then if I log on to AOL it piggy-backs on the BB connection. Whether that will work the same on a BT phone line connection or not I don't know. NTL doesn't use the telephone line at all.

  woodchip 11:51 21 Jul 2005

I am on a BT line but NTL BB

  jack 12:03 21 Jul 2005

Fuzzier and Fuzzier it seems

NTL is of course cable and therefore as WC says BB on NTL is different from BB on the BT hairy string - two separate items -so I comnprehend that.

I also can imagine getting the dial up 'right side of the filter'[ sans filter I would imagine- ]

mmmm- lets get the kit and play - and if you never hear from me again you will know why.

  Taff36 12:27 21 Jul 2005

I am on BB at the moment and just sent an email on dial up - no problem.

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