Daft question re Broadband

  shaduf 21:20 21 Sep 2004

My Broadband (Pipex) will be active this coming Friday and I have received instructions re setting up the Modem etc. I don't anticipate any problems but no where have I seen the answer to an obvious question.

Can I retain my dial up (Tiscali) on the 'Normal' side of the telephone line for a short time till I am sure of the Broadband setup or do I have to take out the dial up Modem and the software for it?

As they say in Mastermind - the answer is only easy if you know it!



  Noelg23 21:22 21 Sep 2004

no need to remove dial up modem...you can still use it as long as your not on the broadband connection at the same time...yes it can be connected to the phone side of the filter and the broadband modem plugged into the modem side of the filter and you should be ok..

  john-232317 21:27 21 Sep 2004

Leave it in but disconnect the phone lead, then you will be sure its not affecting the broadband setup.

  Valvegrid 21:28 21 Sep 2004

Just a word of warning, if you do retain the dialup modem as Noelg23 suggests, leave it disconnected while you are on broadband and you are not using dialup. The reason is there is a real risk of a premium rate dialler using the dialup modem without your knowledge.

  shaduf 21:34 21 Sep 2004

Wow - what a speedy response and told me all I wanted to know. Thanks a lot

And Valvegrid - very good point. My AVG detected a Trojan virus a couple of weeks ago and I was able to deal with it very quickly.

The next day I rang the phone company and asked for my telephone line to be made unable to access Premium Rate numbers and it costs just £1 per month.

Thanks again to all.


  john-232317 21:53 21 Sep 2004

Good point....about the diallers

  john-232317 21:57 21 Sep 2004

On watchdog there was a bit where people had paid for that service and were still caught out by diallers, and got nasty bills but because watchdog were involved they were let off....

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