DABS on IE6 (Win98)page will not load

  Keith 09:22 02 Jan 2004

A friend has IE6 running on Win98. If he goes to the DABS home page (click here) IE6 tells him the page has loaded then it promptly re-loads and so it cycles round persistently with no page material ever being seen.
I have got him to delete his temp. internet files but no change.
Any advice? (apart from shopping elsewhere! :) )
Thanks, Keith

  Jester2K 09:23 02 Jan 2004

Is he on NTL?

  Suzuki itfc 10:35 02 Jan 2004

I have windows 98 and IE6 and the page loaded fine

  daba 12:31 02 Jan 2004

I tried this, and got a completely balnk page.

Then I switched off the filtering in AdSubtract, and the page loaded OK.

Suggest you have some form of Ad-blocker you will nedd to switch off or confgure to allow dabs to load.

  Keith 13:04 02 Jan 2004

No - BT broadband (BTOpenworld?)

  Keith 13:05 02 Jan 2004

I'll tell him - sounds a similar symptom and you may be on to something. Thanks all, Keith

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