DAB Radio

  johnpalmer 10:58 26 Dec 2006

Am I imagining it or do DAB radios not have a tone control fitted.


I bought a Pure DAB, and the sound has too much base for my taste.

For music it's fine, but speaking is really quite "boomy".

Does anyone know of a DAB Clock/Radio with tone control.


  Stuartli 11:06 26 Dec 2006

This link might prove interesting:

click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:27 26 Dec 2006

You haven't told us the model, but if it has a port (as on the Pure Evoke models) you can use the old trick of stuffing a sock or similar in the hole. This will act as a baffle and reduce the bass output.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:37 26 Dec 2006

check the DRC value, this is used to enhance the sound at low volumes and acts a bit like a 'loudness' button - try reducing it to a half or zero. Finally - if it's close to a wall, try moving it away - being close to a wall re-inforces the bass response.

  johnpalmer 13:52 26 Dec 2006

The model is Pure Evoke 1 XT, and it has a tube in the base. Is this the port you mention.

Also, how do I check the DRC value, I'm not sure what that means

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:11 26 Dec 2006

yes - the tube in the base of the radio is the bass port - it is used to increase the bass loading of the radio as in a bass reflex loudspeaker. If you 'plug' this with a porous material such as cloth or foam it will have the effect of dampening the bass. The bass response is also amplified if the radio is close to a hard reflecting surface. (eg a wall)
The DRC is accessed through the 'Setup' button (I'm assuming it's the same as my old Evoke - 1)
Press the setup button, then scroll through using the tuning knob until you get to DRC, press the tuning knob to select, then scroll through the values. Mine has 1 (full on) half, and zero (off)
Selecting zero should reduce the bass effect.

I'm suprised you find this radio bass heavy - it certainly has bass unlike most other conventional radios of this size, but I've never found it a problem, in fact it was the sound quality of the radio which made me buy it. This all falls apart however when listening to DAB through a decent audio system, where DAB's limitations become apparent.

  johnpalmer 08:03 27 Dec 2006

Thanks Arthur. Job done, although I am still unaware of any DAB radios with a seperate Tone Control. Perhaps the DRC is regarded as the tone adjuster.

Being a Nerd means I usually listen to speach radio rather than music.

This is where the bass effect seems to muffle the spoken word,

  laurie53 09:21 27 Dec 2006

I think you'll find that DAB radios are like anaologue in this respect. Some have tone controls and some don't.


  Peter 12:23 27 Dec 2006


I have a Pure Evoke 3 DAB radio and it has tone, treble and bass controls. They are not available as separate controls, but on the volume control. When you press the volume control knob in, the volume control level setting is displayed and can be adjusted. If you press the volume control again you will be able to access the bass and treble sequentially. Hope this helps.


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