Daa CDr Audio CDr

  jack 19:51 14 Feb 2008

What is the difference?
From whit I gather from here none at all - data is data.
A friend has a Philips dedicated CD recorder that takes a recorder CD in one drawer and a CDr in the other and makes a copy. or external devices can also be attached and recording made from them.

The macjine is rejecting all types of CR-r as 'Wrong Disk'
So he is wondering, and so am I- is there a special type of disk for this machine?
This is a similar machine
click here

  Totally-braindead 19:57 14 Feb 2008

Looking at the website you link to there does appear to be a lot of problems with this unit and certain CDs therefore that would appear to be the problem. Solution would be to use only the particular CDRs that Philips recommend - hopefully. Should be a compatability list in the manual or on their website.

To answer the question about audio and data CDRs I personally have seen no difference, audio CDRs are meant to give better sound quality or so I have been told but I can't tell the difference and because of that and because they are dearer I have never used them.

Have you tried a lens cleaner just in case?

  Totally-braindead 20:03 14 Feb 2008

Actually reading more on that website you link to it does appear that there is some sort of fundamental difference. What that is I really do not know. Philips created the CD and perhaps they have specifically designed this for use with these particular audio CDs, that seems to be what they are saying and if this is the case then thats what you will have to use.

Unusual though not seen anything like this before.

  MCE2K5 22:03 14 Feb 2008

These are the Audio CD's you Should be using,

TDK click here


Philips click here

More Types click here

and click here

  eedcam 22:08 14 Feb 2008

Bit like some think dvd-audio is just a dvd with audio on it

  Stuartli 23:34 14 Feb 2008

AudioCD-R discs are for use in stand alone Audio CD Recorders only.

They are not suitable for use in computer system CD-RW or DVD±RW drives.

  jack 10:33 15 Feb 2008

Thank you for that info Chaps we can now proceed from there.

  laurie53 10:38 15 Feb 2008

"They are not suitable for use in computer system CD-RW or DVD±RW drives."

Not sure about that. I have recorded audio onto my computer DVD writers and played it back both on the computer, and other computers, and in car and at home.

  eedcam 12:45 15 Feb 2008

Laurie I think Stuartli meant not suitable for recording in other devices

  jack 19:56 15 Feb 2008

We are talking about a dedicated CR recorder here nothing computery at

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