D: RECOVERY drive not wanted

  cowgirl66 18:37 16 Jun 2007

Hi, a friend of mine wanted to do an upgrade (moduslink Gateway) from XP on a brand new computer to Vista without having to go through the registration process. The long and short of it is, the upgrade didn't go as planned and XP had to make a reovery partition because the windows/setup file was corrupt or missing. Which XP made into another drive, the D: RECOVERY Drive.
Having got XP functioning again, we took the choice of reformatting the C: local drive rather than installing Vista over XP whilst upgrading the OS.

Now the situation is that Vista runs fine on C; but there is still the partion named D; RECOVERY, for XP, which he doesn't want to use or have on his computer.

Is there a way to erase all the data on this partation and merge/join it back to the C; drive again?

Any help would be so well received as we're both new to partiions and how to handle them.

Regards cowgirl66

  Matt.tt 18:48 16 Jun 2007

I'm not sure If I am up the right tree here, but you can manage partitions in winxp by going

Start > Right clicking 'My Computer' > Clicking Manage > and then under the sub-heading 'Storage' > Select 'Disk Management'.

It is fairly simple to use. Just right click the partition you do not want (In your case D) and select delete.

I'm not sure if you can change the size of the partition of C, in your case to accommodate the space free from your deleted drive d.

What you can do, is just re-create drive D again. That way you will still have all the space you used to have, but it is just spread out over two disks.
If you have a hard drive with a reasonable amount of space, the recommended way to partition is to have at least about 10gb in one partition for windows to run on, and then the rest of the space for things like your programs, and documents.

Hope that is useful to you. Let me know If I am up the wrong tree here!


  tobyb121 18:55 16 Jun 2007

From vista log on as an administrator, just press start, and into the search box type computer management, open computer management and at the side you should see disk management. Click on this and it will display all of the partitions on your disk. Go to the partition labeled D: and right click on it and choose delete(you may need to restart). Then right click on your vista partition (most likly C:) and select resize, stretch it to fill the space, restart your computer, and it is done. tobyb

  tobyb121 18:56 16 Jun 2007

Matt.tt beat me to it

  cowgirl66 18:58 16 Jun 2007

I think the amount of space he has in the partition is about 5Gb. I have thought about what you suggest, Matt but am thinking it's sounding so simple that the whole caboosh goes out the window, free space and all!

I was wondering if maybe there's some software that might manage this complicated task for us..

What you have described though, I do understand and will consider if nothing else is possible

  cowgirl66 19:00 16 Jun 2007

WOW it's that simple? Great! Thanks guys!

Regards cowgirl66

  Matt.tt 19:05 16 Jun 2007


yeah! most things on the comp are simple if they work, and are understood, Glad that helped! :D

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