D:\ is not accessible !!

  Baslla321 17:33 20 Jul 2003

I have Creative DVD 5X CD ROM with Windows 98. I got some CD's(digital photos) and when I run them, I get the following, I quote " D:\ is not accessible. The device is not ready. Retry or cancel" unquote. I tried my lens cleaner. Same result. I tried one of my wife's CD (music) and it worked OK. How is this ?? Any advise appreciated.

  bremner 17:48 20 Jul 2003

The CD with the photos on is it a burnt CD-r. If so it is often the case that some CD Rom drives cannot read particular CD-r's

  graham√ 17:54 20 Jul 2003

Are the picures in jpeg format?

  keith-236785 18:11 20 Jul 2003

if the files were burnt onto the cd using easy cd creator then i would suspect that the session(cd) has not been closed, it will not be recognised by cdrom drives until it is closed, any computer with easy cd should be able to read the files and close the session if thats what you want.

  Baslla321 09:26 21 Jul 2003

Yes it is a burnt CD-R but what is strange is that my wife took it to her offioce computer and it worked fine. I am not sure whether the pictures are in jpeg, but I imagine so. These pictures were taken by a digital camera and inputed in PC with back-up on CD-r.
Thanks for your help.Any more suggestions welcome.

  BillEmm 13:50 21 Jul 2003

Disc may have been written using DirectCD in which case a UDF reader may be required.

click here

  Stuartli 16:08 21 Jul 2003

You should NOT use laser lens cleaners either dry or wet on CD/DVD-ROM drives, CD-RW rewriters or, especially, DVD rewriters at any time; drives are fully sealed except for the short time that the tray is open.

In the case of a DVD rewriter in particular the laser and lens systems don't, as I say, require any cleaning and are liable to be damaged by fibres or abrasives.

More important is to keep the disks themselves clean of dust, fingermarks etc by picking them up using the centre hole or by the edge; clean with a photographer's lens cloth (lint free type) by wiping from the centre outwards over the affected area. Circular cleaning motions cause more damage or problems then may already being experienced.

best way is to keep CD and DVD disks in their cases until needed and avoid putting them down on any handy surface - use the case.

  Baslla321 10:52 22 Jul 2003


I went over to ROXIO for the UDF Reader but all I was offered was an update. Is the UDF reader free or do I have to buy the whole software??
Many TKS! contact me on <[email protected]>

  graham√ 11:12 22 Jul 2003

Couple of pointers; you don't need to copy the title of your thread into the response title, rather, as above, the response title would be 'BillEmm'.

It is better if BillEmm responds in the forum rather than by email to you. This way everyone can contribute and learn the answer. If anyone wishes to email you, they use the yellow envelope to the right of your name, giving your actual email address may invite spam.

Hope you're sorted soon.

  BillEmm 13:41 22 Jul 2003

For some reason, known only to Roxio, any request for their UDF Reader results in an error.

  BillEmm 13:43 22 Jul 2003

Follow on from previous posting - it decided to end before I had finished!

Get the Adaptec one here:

click here


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