D-Link G122 Wireless G Usb Adapter.

  birdface 20:15 27 Jul 2009

Hi.In Argos discount warehouse today and picked up one of those for under £10.
Not really got a clue as to what it does.its probably old stock.
Does it do the same as a wireless dongle.It says it works on desktops or laptops.Is it just a matter of running the disc to download the drivers etc.The instructions are not that great for someone that does not know what they are doing.Or is it £10 wasted.
As you can see I know not a lot about wireless connections.
I do have a router that i can connect to.
But basically I got it for my Grand Daughter who is having trouble with the wireless connection on her laptop.

  bobbybluenose 20:29 27 Jul 2009

buteman the D-Link G122 Wireless G Usb Adapter.you purchased is a dongle,you will have to configure grand daughter lappy.

  birdface 20:44 27 Jul 2009

Ok.Many thanks for the information.I think it was the cradle that comes with it that put me off a bit.

The Wireless connection has given up on her laptop.
Looks like it is a common fault with the HP G6000.I suppose it is just a case of switching that off and using the new one.

  bobbybluenose 21:08 27 Jul 2009

thats the way to go buddy

  cream. 21:43 27 Jul 2009

Download the driver and open it.

this for Vista

click here

This for XP

click here

Reboot the computer and then pop in the dongle.

Manual click here

  birdface 22:31 27 Jul 2009

Many thanks both of you for your help.Computer is away for a week so will install it when she gets it back.
Will now class as resolved.

  Taff™ 07:41 28 Jul 2009

Hi Buteman - I use this model on several computers. The "Dongle" is quite large and you may have a problem if you plug it directly into the laptop. Firstly because it may block off and adjacent USB port. The cradle is basically an extension lead and allows you to move the dongle to a position for optimum signal strength. (Recommended)

One word of warning for your Grandaughter - because of the robust nature of this dongle if she uses it directly plugged into the laptop she must be very careful when moving around with it in place. It can easily get a caught and will wreck the USB port if it takes an impact.

  birdface 09:02 28 Jul 2009

Hi Taff.Yes I know what you mean.That is one of her problems at the moment.The power socket used to get bent upwards when getting used by her young brother and sister.But a waste of time telling them that it would damage it as they would leave it just it like that.
And sure enough problems now either with the power jack or a bad motherboard connection.
her dad has it and I think he is going to take it apart and see if he can fix it.
I had also told them never to use it in bed but do they listen.
My Grand Daughter was in her friends house when the smoke alarm went off and they were ushered out of the front door by their parents.her friend had left her laptop on lying on on top of the bed while going down for a snack and it went on fire and setting fire to the bed covers.
Waste of time telling them they don't seem to listen.
He is also thinking of restoring it to factory settings so maybe the wireless connection might return.
Anyhow for just under £10 I thought that it would come in handy at some time.
Thanks for the information I was already thinkig along the lines of what damage that it could cause.
They have an old desktop that they don't use now as it is to far away from the connection.I could always put it on that and that would give the young ones something to use.

  Taff™ 08:38 29 Jul 2009

That power jack is a serious problem from what you describe. It is very common for a connected power jack that is ripped away from the motherboard when the laptop is dropped or the user suddenly moves the laptop and the cord gets snagged.

Resoldering the connector is a specialist job and usually requires removal of the existing and resoldering a new one. It also requires a high powered soldering kit otherwise the motherboard will melt in the process.

On some laptops the power supply board is separate from the main board and it is easier and cheaper to just replace this small unit however in either case the entire laptop needs to be stripped down. The new jack plug is a few quid - the labour involved at a minimum of £30 an hour can end up in a cost of between £90 - £120 typically.

In the worst case scenario, pretty much as you describe, using the laptop in this condition can short the motherboard and even melt it - a definite fire hazard. I would strongly suggest you pass this on and recommend a specialist repairer looks at it and the kids stop using it until it is fixed. If this happens when they use it on their laps .......

  Taff™ 08:47 29 Jul 2009

Here`s a guide on how to DIY click here Note the Soldering Kit - it`s not a £9.99 job from B&Q! Is this the HP G6063 from the other thread?

  birdface 09:27 29 Jul 2009

Yes Taff it is the same laptop.
Her dad has fixed one before and as far as I know he has a proper soldering iron.He said it may not be connected straight on to the motherboard.So not sure about that.
I told him that I had the manual for it that you had sent me.But has not asked for it.
Thanks for the Do it Yourself guide.it makes it look easy to do.
I think the last one he tried he ended up with a few extra screws so not that confident that it is going to work.
Can't really afford to send it for repair.So hope that he can fix it.
Many thanks for your help and interest.

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