D-LINK DWL-G630 AND Dell latitude

  peug417 21:12 29 Sep 2006

I am normally a patient person, and will persevere with my pc issues. However after stressfull day I am likely to throw two laptops out the window. I have a Vaio which is running xp proffesional. I have a D-LINK DWLG650 network card linked to a D LINK DG 604T Router. My son has my old Dell latitude l400 which the DWL G650 used to work in. Now is the time to get him his own card. I 1st purchased a Linksys wpc11 from Novatech for £6. this proved to be an unwise by as it was only wep enabled where as my router is WPA. I Downloaded the latest driver to no avail. in fact the card wouldn't connect even with no security enabled on the router at all. Having read the reviews for the card i decided to cut my losses and today purchased a DWL G630 card. I installed it following the instructions to the letter. however it still won't connect. I began to get concerned it was the laptop, though replacing the card with my g650 card connects to the network straight off. I have tried installing the g630 on my Vaio to try it out to no avail. The act light blinks really fast, has a spell then blinks really fast again. I have tried setting up the ip address manualy still the same result. If anyone can shed some light on this you will make one little boy very happy and one father will be able to retain his laptop...

  ade.h 23:47 29 Sep 2006

I prefer to avoid PCMCIA cards because of their propensity for resource conflicts - at least in comparison to the very slim chance of getting a resource conflict with any other kind of hardware.

Before I can advise any further, are you using these cards with their management software or have you installed them with ONLY their drivers, using Windows' WZC to manage the connection?

Can you check for error codes in the device's properties in Device Manager and let me know if you find any?

  peug417 09:04 30 Sep 2006

Firstly I have tried both methods, using the supplied software "installing before inserting the card as per the instructions". Then using system restore and just loading the driver. The present state of the system is no software just the card and driver. There are no error messages in the device manager section under either Network adaptors, or PCMIA Adaptors.

  peug417 20:41 02 Oct 2006

Right , I spent nearly an hour onto the support desk for D-LINK and they diagnosed what i predicted the card was faulty. Took it back to pc world today for replacement and they had none left due to "sending them all back" according to the salesman. I was tempted to upgrade to a £30 version of D-LINK as its the same as my router. However the salesman convinced me to purchase a Belkin Wirless card. As it was "G"rated and was wpa enabled. Exchange made and pc restored to a previous state. CD installed card installed and then..... Nothing... no connection. what am i doing wrong!!! I have my laptop side by side to mirror isp settings am running out of ideas.

  ade.h 21:07 02 Oct 2006

Do other PCMCIA cards work in your laptop?

I have seen laptops that will not accept any card, even in alternative hardware profiles. The Type II PC interface does seem, in my experience, to be very sensitive. My previous laptop accepted only certain types of card.

  peug417 21:47 02 Oct 2006

Yes my D-LINK DWL G650 works in the laptop.
I have tried to install the new belkin onto my vaio, but no joy there either. it setup my wirless as network3 where as the g650 is network 2 will they conflict.? I have tried the Belkin card with security disabled on the router still no connection.

  ade.h 21:52 02 Oct 2006

If you have duplicate network connections, delete those that can be deleted and rename the remaining connection if desired. Normally, fitting a new adapter should not create a new connection ID unless you have used the Wireless Network Wizard. Which you should avoid.

  peug417 22:04 02 Oct 2006

when installing the network cards there is only ever one wirless network connection visible in the Network connections screen just has a different number depending which card is installed. The dell laptop is restored to a new windows installation and the the setup disc for the belkin installed. using the belkin utility as opposed to xp wzc it shows limited or no connectivity.

  ade.h 22:14 02 Oct 2006

You'll usually only see one at a time because they represent an adapter (and you only have one adapter at a time), but they are still duplicated.

  ade.h 22:14 02 Oct 2006

It's not normally a big problem.

  peug417 22:18 02 Oct 2006

As stated the dell is setup as simply Wireless network connection. Any ideas why it won't connect?

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