D-Link DSL2640RKeeps losing internet connection

  Greengo 09:35 23 Nov 2010

I have a D-Link DSL2640R wireless router. Up until recently all was well. Over the past week the DSL light on the router goes out, It comes back for a short while then goes off again. This is happening now all the time. I now longer get what I would call a stable internet. I have reset the router, replaced the DSL filters, still the DSL light does not stay on permanently like it use too. Can anyone offer any advise on what I can do to resolve the problem I am having.

  rdave13 09:40 23 Nov 2010

I would contact your ISP about the connection. Might be a fault at their end or the line.

  961 14:33 23 Nov 2010

You might check that there is not a problem with your phone line

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Pay particular attention to the SNR margin which will cause you to lose connection if it drops off. Some routers will lose connection around 4 or less

  Greengo 09:21 26 Nov 2010

I contacted my ISP only to be told there is no fault on my line. This surprises me because since I started getting a drop out on my internet connection, there is a alot static on my phone line when I recieve and make calls. I am going to ask them to verify the line test again.(I changed all the dsl filters)

961- I checked the SNR margin on my router it constantly flutuation. It is currenly reading downstream 3.5 and upstream 6.2.

I have noticed that every time I take a call on my phone line the DSL line goes out and internet drop off. Its only when the call end that it comes back.

I getting increasing frustrated with support my ISP is giving me, can you guys help me find out what is going on and how I can resolve it.

  rdave13 09:43 26 Nov 2010

Make sure you have filters on all sockets including Sky or any alarm system on the telephone line. Check the filters again.
Have a read of the two first posts in this thread reguarding quiet line test;
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  Greengo 16:29 14 Dec 2010

Thank you for all your help. It turned out that my line was fault. A BT engineer came out to install a new phone line.

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